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Mark and I had a fabulous vacation! To wrap up our 7 nights in San Francisco, we headed to Fresh Orleans to soiree Mardi Gras style. Even tho it asn't February, there was no shortage of beads or soiree goers! We ended up meeting some friends for dinner and then heading to Larry Flints Hustler club. We sat in the VIP section and I got my very first lap dance (it wasn't anything to brag about). Well, because it was a slow night, they shut down the bar in VIP and all the dancers went downstairs. The ladies in the group indeed desired to dance so the manager agreed to let our group of people stay upstairs and dance on the stage. It was a blast. As all of you know, lcohol works wonderfully to release your inhibitions. The manager told us we could dance bare-chested if we dreamed so we did! It was superb. Here are a few shots captured on film... Please keep in mind, these were taken after Two days of solid drinking so while we don't look so supreme, we undoubtedly were having a soiree. Afterwards, things moved forward to our motel room... but I'm saving those photos for my next contri.

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Thanks for all the love from everyone on voy-zone. I wished to submit a post of outdoor pics for those of you at naturist. I hope that you like them as well as everyone did mine and my sister's (Ohgirl) post on nudist(7/14). This set was shot by Ohgirl's spouse (Ohboy) as a bday introduce. I did two photo shoots for him and he took fairly a few pics. These are just a few from the 1st set. Before I get any warnings or complaints about my posing with a cigarette or cigar in my photos, I just want you to know that I do not smoke. This is just a phallic symbol for those of you who have a smoking fetish or an oral fixation about what I would look like with something inbetween my lips. Maybe I will get Ohgirl's permission to post the real oral pics that Ohboy took...lol. I doubt it, but she was kind to share. Hope you love. MIGirl.

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