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We got such greatresponse to the posting Lulu made to voy-zone for my bday that she's hooked. We followed everyone's advice and borroweda finer camera. Here is the very first of four installments that she will be making over the next duo of weeks-- two on voy-zone andtwo on voy-zone. You wouldn't believe how much sheenjoys your comments so keep them coming. This series is a introduce for the January babies. Lulu waswondering what you boys and femmes would like for your birthday? Nip devotees, Lulu has a special contri planned just for you. Apologies to the breast milk fetishist. She's saving the milk forour baby.

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OK... Here's the story... Many of you have already seen my other contri's, mostly concentrating on some women that were very familiar to naturist. This contri has many of my fav pics that I took over Four days in Key West. The chick who emerges to be favoring the big pony dick is in fact at the other end of someone's costume (half man/half horse). I have a separate pic of the entire costume, but this dude was sitting at the bar and when I went to take the pic, his friend leaned over and wished to do some simulated bestiality (or at least half bestiality, half gay-for-pay oral... or something like that). About the blonde with the orange and palm tree bagos... Very jokey story, but you truly had to be there to appreciate it. As I was walking down by the docks where the cruise ships park, I eyed three dudes and one dude's gf walking in front of me. Then, out of one of the shops at the Hilton pops this beauty (in the pic below) and plants an harmless smooch on the cheek of the bf. All of a unexpected all hell violates liberate as redneck gf goes ape! She starts screaming, cussing, walks off, while menacing to hit the bullshit out of the doll below. After about Ten minutes the hysteria slows to a mere trickle, and I, very timidly ask if I can take her pic. She took the incident in stride... and I got an awesome pic.

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