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Bene eccoci ancora qui, non potevamo esimerci dal ringraziare tutti voi per i commenti positivi e gentili che ci sono stati rivolti. Credo il miglior modo per sdebitarci sia quello di sottoporre alla vostra attenzione ulteriori foto sperando che anche queste siano di vostro gradimento. Una precisazione va assolutamente fatta, il seno di Francesca e tutto merito di madre natura e garantisco al 100%, un abbraccio a tutti voi e grazie ancora. Thanks to everyone for the comment, we hope this 2nd time will be welcome like the very first or more if possible, the titts of Francesca are natural, home (mother) made smooches to everybody.

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Hi again folks, )Louise has been absolutely amazed at all of the nice comments that she has )received for her various contris. This time, things are a little )different. All of the submitted photos were taken at a hire studio with a )black background and with the "soft" lighting. However, the black )background (actually black curtain material) didn't scan too well - I don't )know why but the rest of Louise seems to have come out alright! As always, )Louise will reply to all valid email addresses. )Craig Hi Everyone, Had a bit of a break for a few weeks. Gives us a chance to look at all the other excellent contributions! Louise & I were delighted in the compliments that she got last time, so here's a 2nd set of studio shots. This time, I didn't have to worry about a black background scanning in poorly. Also, a number of people seemed to like foot shots - she is barefoot across this set! As always, she will attempt and response all comments that have valid email addresses... PS Louise is now also known as AussieLouise as there is another Louise (very pretty as well!) who sometimes posts.

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