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I wish the rain would stop. I could indeed use some sunshine right about now, but I sense that my anticipation of summer is being thwarted at every turn! It wasn't a day after I sent in the very first part of these pictures that things began getting unusual with the boy I was eyeing last year. My flatmate suspects he has a unusual hold on me, mostly because he accounts for more than a fair dose of my sexual practices (he is the one with me in all of those movies on my website). I may not be too wild, and all those years of a repressed upbringing went a lengthy way in the direction of shaping my goofier habits, but I did get comfy enough with him to attempt some things (he certainly would not have come near my bottom if I weren't). Still, I fears that my lack of practice may've resulted in less than good lovemaking on his end, even however I know I rather luved it. With this gloomy weather outside, I am spending far too much time obsessing about it! I do appreciate much of the advice I've been given in feedback and emails, and I've got my thumbs crossed I will get some distance on it and re-take some manage of the situation. If there is one thing my dearest musical instructed me, it's that tomorrow is only a day away! Surely my fellow dorks & closeted Annie devotees know what I'm talking about. :)

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I know it may seem odd to post for someone who I have not met, but I have been a big devotee of Nikki's for fairly some time. We have VERY similar bods and my hubby thinks she is the best damsel on here (besides me of course). He is lso a pretty big aficionado of Jan's...heck, he is a pretty big aficionado of SEVERAL of you, but a devotee of Nikki. So I am posting these for a littel funa dn to flash my appreciation for her!..haha, Nikki, I hope you and your hubby love these too, as well as everyone who visits this site!..You guys are absolutely the best and I lOVE all the wonderful feedback i get..thank you so much for your kind voting! Love and Smooches, Sacha! hmmm, how about a Sacha and Nikki post? i am SO SORRY there isnt alot more nudity!!!! I promise to get you some more! So let us know if I need to fly to Nikki's for a voy-zone post??? With her permission of course!

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