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I'd read a few comments in response to my last contribution and I had a few emails thru my own site from members asking for some sort of look back at my photos from the past year. I liked the idea of doing some sort of retrospective, but I desired to put my own stamp on it and showcase some pictures that have never been seen before and I could debut on voy-zone. My flatmate suggested I send in my fave outtakes from the year, and share some of my more embarassing pictures that hadn't seen the light of day since I deleted them quickly out of mortifying terror! After a few hours of drinking together the night before we vacated for University break, I agreed to the idea. She was all too blessed to provide me with backups from the original photo sets, and we went thru and picked these as our faves of the unseen. Unnecessary to say, this is the boldest contribution I've ever sent in. Sure, being naked is one thing, but I take 20 times as many pictures as I ever send in because I don't want to look as stupid as I fear I usually do. I'm going to hurry up and send this in before I switch my mind, because it's perhaps the most accurate set of photos as to who I sense I truly am! LOL

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Hey Kate crew.......Kate, I would like to take a minute to say.....I have never had a hero until my eyes very first glanced the V.W. Three or Four years ago. I am an old time member, on and off, of da mansion since the very first beta test and I must thank you. My hero, my guru.....Kate. You put a fresh meaning into my life ever since I realized what a hidden cam was, and became one!!!! Thank you for some direction in life. We recently got a fresh digi...and my bizarre chick was willing and anxious to participate. (gotta love her) So here is my chick in her very first ever world broad naked adventures. Please post comments...she is anxious to hear what you think. Here are the very first of many to come, if comments are kind. I must say, make-out took on a entire different meaning since we got the web cam. And as all other decent voyeurs would say.....pdpmema.

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