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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the naturist Yearbook, where you can see many of your faves from the naturist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse thru it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! Ms. Merci is the naturist School Librarian. Her friendly manner is reinforced with her resolve to keep order in the Library. Should some of the tumultuous boys like Kate, Asher, or Jerry commence to raise their voices, Ms. Merci merely raises her micro-skirt to muffle them. When the cheerleading co-captains (some say bi-captains) Nikki~ and Nina practice cheers on the tables, Ms. Merci merely reminds them that they should keep the noise to a minimum and, by the way, they look uber-cute with no undies. Some students need help in the library, and Ms. Merci often goes out of her way to assist them. She willingly helps students like valedictorian ~Lara~, School Queen Nicki, and chemistry whiz Dragon Princess to find books and get ready for oral quizzes in Ms. Dee’s hump education classes. Even the less than stellar students like Truancy Queen Rose and Bad gals Celeste, Dela and Giselle come to Ms Merci for some special research opportunities. Running the library is a rough biz and that means people with overdue books need to learn a lesson. Each and every person with an over due book is called into her office and, with the door closed, and given a lengthy tongue lashing. (Track starlet Meg is the thickest over due book offender). Ms Merci’s involvement with the school isn’t limited to just the students and conduct in the Library. She has a wonderful relationship with all the staff at the school. She is often found in the company of Coach Cherokee, learning the fine art of ball manage and how to score. Coach Cherokee has taken a special interest in developing Ms. Merci’s abilities and attempting to recruit her for her own private special team. Coach Heide and Coach Francesca often join them in the showers after a workout and the titters can be heard via the locker room. Ms. Merci gets special bi-linquistical instruction from English Teacher Supergal. Both Home Economics teachers, Ms. Denice and Ms. Lauren get together with Ms. Merci during lunch and can be found sampling each others delicacies in the back of the Home Ec room. Corporal Science teacher Mr. Thundercloud is often in the library checking out fresh science books and conducting experiments with Ms. Merci in the back of the library. The Orchestra Instructor Ms. OHwife and Art Teacher Ms.BZ often include Ms. Merci in their cultural expansion programs. There are still pictures floating around of Ms. Merci, fully assets painted by Ms.BZ and dancing a head hula while Ms.OHwife and her band student Sam toyed along. Under Ms. Merci's gentle mitts and talented tongue ummm lashings, the library has become a popular place, leading to her being voted "Most Likely to be Checked Out More Often Than the Books”. Love your fresh yearbook, and please don't leave behind to sign our memory pages! Equipment: Nikon D1, 18-35mm Nikkor lens, SB-28 Speedflash, sexy librarian

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My Hubby Likes To Witness Me With Other Men! - MY Spouse LIKES TO Witness ME WITH OTHER MEN! Particularly WITH BLACK MEN! I'M IN RICHMOND VIRGINIA! My spouse setup a meeting with someone he found on the internet. We agreed to meet at the OMNI Motel in the bar for drinks and see how it went and could go from there. We got there very first and had a few drinks. We went on up to our room because the man my hubby found was running late. So when he got there we told him to come on up to the room. When he came in I thought he was nice and had a indeed nice body! Indeed NICE! So I guess we can commence with the picture's now! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED! TO SPEND A LITTLE QUALITY TIME WITH ME! Just drop us a line. Thanks Terry

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