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Every day I check out your site in the hopes that I might get to see someone I have been dreaming about entirely nude. How arousing it must be for someone to begin looking thru your contributions and stumble across pics of their next door neighbor, co-worker, or the stuck up little snob that sat next to you in high school that would not give you the time of day. There ought to be a link on your site dedicated to stories of people who have seen their wish women in the buff on your site. Even tho it hasn’t happened to me yet, I will keep looking until one day my fantasy will come true. Maybe this contribution will make someone else’s fantasy a reality. Story: I recently took a cruise on a ship that had a tops optional deck. Every day their were anywhere from Four to 15 women sunbathing without bra. Signs were posted forbidding cameras so no photos were taken. That is until the last day of the journey. I walked up top just to check out the view if you know what I mean, and here was this beautiful dame laid out with about 15 guys surrounding her. She was indeed putting on a demonstrate for them. And just about every one of them had a camera in arm. She had just dumped ice all over her chest and if she wasn’t touching the ice on her puffies she was more than blessed to let one of the guys introduce do it. This dame was beautiful. I couldn’t find her again to get a picture of her with cloths on. I challenge some of the other guys that were their to get off your lazy butts, get your film developed and send the pics you have in. There was a lot more that happened that I did not get to take pics of unluckily. If you recognize this lady, let us know. Cause if you have ever met this beauty, I know you have fantasized about her.

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FROM: The Traveller SECTION: Nude in public PLEASE TITLE: Sophie on the sand III My beautiful gf Sophie during vacations in various locations in southern Europe. Shots taken during the last Three years. I am so sorry I can't demonstrate the world her sweet face, albeit I think that particularly you Kate can imagine it, even blurred. At the beggining she didn't want to swim nude, neither of course to pose, but now she's a dedicated naturist, albeit she remains a rather timid and hesitating model. Thanks for the good job and "don't publish my e-mail" to everybody. One e-mail to go after.

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