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I think the photos came out well.

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She truly is a lovely mother-in-law.

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Part II from a latest shoot outdoors.

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Best shot from the Bike Shoot.

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On Holiday - Pictures from past holidays.

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Crimson Night at Fantasy Jamboree 2010

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My bootie, by request. (thanks my cloudmen)

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Hiya nudist! Kate and Crew!! Hi Sailor! How are you? Thanks for the good commentary! :) Thank You viewers for the messages you left me on my last post here! Hope there are just as many this time around. Hehe. Well..real elementary. Dont get on me too are self pics! I never do a good a job as Jere does!! He is working two jobs right now and has been very very busy! It was so handy sliding into one of Jeres tee-shirts and taking some hot pics sans him even here! It surely made me think of you all a lot more while taking them! Im always so dispersed playing with Jere when hes snapping pics! Hope you love these! I am going to send in another multiplicity of these shots. I ended up taking enough (that came out for a part two! :) Afterward guys and girls!! xoxoxo Michele

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Well this is my very first time sending anything to Crimson Clouds and actully it is the very first time I have posted myself anywhere!!! The reason I am sending these pictures is to see what the women of Crimson Clouds think?? I want an fair opinion so that is why I came to the best!!! If there is anything that you would like to see let me know and I will make sure you get it!! If there are any women or couples in the Winnipeg, Canada area that would be intersted in getting together or just need the use of a digital camera, or anyone anywhere that wants to trade??? Leave your email address in the coments section and I will get back to you real soon!!

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