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These next few sets are the result of another devotee sending me a bounty from my wish list and permitting me to share them here on voy-zone. These are just some of the pics, the rest will be available on our website: This is an excerpt of what I wrote to him after taking the pictures: "We embarked with me demonstrating off my 'assets' because the cut-offs truly highlighted my forms. It wasn't lengthy before my kitty made her very first appearance, I have such a hard time keeping her hidden. The slick stretchy fabric perceived good when pulled up snuggly inbetween my lips. All this taunting had an demonstrable effect on me and my photographer, it was time to put something inbetween my pretty pink lips. Um, that would be the very first set of lips, the 2nd set comes briefly after. I only sucked him lengthy enough to clean up the pre-ejaculatory fluid that was cascading from his manstick because I desired to relish this perceiving. And off to another position. It wasn't lengthy before my frigs were slipping back inwards myself. Shortly thereafter my frigs were substituted with something more substantial and ultimately my yearning to be packed was being sated. We finished with.... well you'll see." Hope you love these pictures, and thank you 'DR' for permitting us to post them.

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When Tea and I very first commenced talking online, I reminisce finding it strangely amusing that her profile mentioned that one of her hobbies was collecting novelty tee-shirts. I was nosey about it, but it also seemed like it could spell disaster (your life obviously is devoid of sin and excitement if you've got that kind of devotiontime on your forearms for such a lame hobby). Now she has sworn to me that most were gifts, and she has continually complained that she is never permitted to wear the ones with more offensive messages. I asked her for an example, and she mentioned this tee-shirt. I figured I'd let her lead on some photos, so I told her she could wear it in some. She was exceptionally ecstatic about it, and considering how adorable she looks when all lit up, I'll put up with any cheesy hobby she can throw at me!

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