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Over the last few years, I've noticed more and more submissions that don't stack up. Submitters make too many mistakes, then wonder, or get peeved when they don't get a good response. Here are some helpful tips. FIRST: Pick a name that is unique to you. "Shy", "Shy Wife", "Wife", "My Wife", "First Timer", etc., are used over and over. How many times can you submit using "Wife's Very first Time Ever". TRY: "Pam C's Very first Time", "See Pam C", "Hot Pam C", "Shy Pam C (2nd time)", "Pam C's big nips (#3)", "Pam C's good bum (#4)", you get the idea. Be original and stick with the name so faithful viewers & aficionados can find your future submissions. You WILL develop a following. DO NOT: be coy, attempt to faux bashful, tilt your head on every shot, take all total figure shots, take all close-up shots, send Two or Trio pics and hope to get all the votes, send all arse or all tit shots (send some of each), look at the camera on every shot, look frightened or as if you are in anguish, send clothed pics and hope all good comments, send petite pics (full screen are best), post same pics more than once. DO: keep track of postings (start a "POSTED" folder), suck in your gut no matter how skinny you are, shove out your chest no matter what size you are, emphasize what you have, smile and/or look pleasant EVERY shot, disregard those who always have to make bad remarks. TIPS: use decent lighting, dark pics demonstrate scanty planning, extreme distant shots display nothing but scenery, tit squeezing shots contort your figure, most reclining shots demonstrate your poundage, rear shots truly showcase excess poundage, bringing your shoulders together slightly will emphasize your tits (remember, chest out), standing slightly sideways will diminish a broad butt, garbage cans and clutter make bad background, stairs and mirrors usually are good locations, outdoor - forest - rivers - playgrounds are excellent. If you want a private critique before you post, or just want some advice, put your e-mail on the bulletin board. It may take me a few days to get back to you but I will response. Have joy and thank naturist and Team that you have a place to display your pics. Just a few pics of my dearest model. She is 50 years old.

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