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Ruthie On The Tracks - Hi guys just did these photos a duo of days ago on some train tracks we found in the woods.I couldn't wait to get them posted for you guys.I got grease and mess all over my backside from laying across the tracks so I hope you like them.That would make it all worth it.Can't wait to here your comments.Oh!by the way, I've been emailing alot of you guys and attempting to send the pics that you've ask for,mostly nip shots.A good number of you have asked when I'm going to get my own site. well here it is. I just got it up a few days ago. check it out.I'm still adding more photos and am commencing to do some videos.I've never done movies before so I'm just learning. Don't worry I'll still be posting here too.It's too much joy to stop.

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Sarah - More Rammed Animals - I am taking the advice of the good people and not get bothered by the bad. I perceive that I am a good person, so therefor, I listen to people like me. =) Ok, I'm a big dork. In all honesty, I am beginning to hate the comments section. Let me clear up some things. NO, I am not knocked up, and I don't consider myself fat. Most of you are right, I have to stop listening to them. I'm just not one of those chicks who go all day sans eating. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's just not me. I like me. I think I'm adorable. I haven't had any complaints socially, so what you say won't hurt me. It's not that I don't work out, but I play enough soccer in the fall to not have to work out all the time. 2-3 times a week is good enough for me. Besides, I think I'm just standard size. That's not a bad thing.

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