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this is our 3rd venture into view pleasure and voyeurism and i would like to thank EVERYBODY for the positive and vegitive comments lol all i can say is i am having a ball and so is my stunner and every time we get together it gets nicer. so i hope you love cause i sure am.... recall you only go around ONE time advice: dont take a shot of a lusting moist beaver on a milky sheet with a bright flash ie very first shot unless you want the effect and i damn sure want the effect,, thanks to my honey for meeting me half way and for loving ME cause i love you daisy nips and you are one sexy ladyfriend..

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Spring is eventually here! My flatmate and I switched back our rooms and I have been going insane attempting to do some spring cleaning while keeping up with my studies. I have even managed to fit a date or two into my hectic schedule, and it's about time, but this dame got lucky! I was a bit embarassed to admit it, but after my brief but torrid affair with that boy last year, I went fairly a few months sans and it damn near killed me! Perhaps I was sensing a bit wild--I've been encouraged by the emails and response thru my site, peculiarly the positive feedback on the oral and anals fuck-a-thon flicks I posted--but I took the plunge with someone fresh. Now it's a matter of observing how he acts and treats it, and if all goes well, I might ultimately be getting some regular act again. It was very nice to get some serious attention, and I sense almost pleasurably sore from the entire thing. While doing some cleaning, my flatmate suggested we take some pics in celebration, however looking at it now I can't believe what a dork I look like in my comfy clothes! I guess that's a good motivation for me to take them off, or I'd very likely be celibate forever.

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