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Damn I love this sundress, and their arent too many places I could wear it. I've worn it to a duo of clubs, on a date with my former boyfriend to our very first (and last) swinger club, and one time on a femmes night out when we went to a masculine de-robe club (lot of good it did, I think most of those guys were gay). That's about it, but I indeed look good in this sundress, so what's a dame to do. Aaaah! I got it. I'll immortalize myself in my sexy sundress on voy-zone. Don't mind the background, it was the only place we could go were we would'nt be disturbed , besides, I think the rough background truly accentuates the softness and senuality of me and my sundress. So, tell me what you think.

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Hey, Kate and June! Fine site!! Only site I visit each and every day! haven't got around to voy-zone yet, but one day.... These are of my gf Leese....she's the BEST!!! Any guy's dreamgirl! Adventerous, sexy as hell, a nymphomaniac, AND a gusher! haha WHEW! Anyway...these were taken inbetween Jan and Feb of this year. I think it's the ideal donk, but I'll let you viewers be the judges. She's a 28 YO mom of one from Canada. These aern't fairly voy-zone material, so Private Shots it is.....yada yada yada on the e-mail. (Thanks to Lori and Pat for that!!!!) I know you dislike polaroids, but they came out good. And there IS one for YOU, Kate.....wonder which one......LMAO Hop on and take her for a WON'T regret it!!! As usual, PLEASE keep up the good work!! Title this My Canuck Leese, if you could. See ya.....

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