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I have been several times accused of staging my hidden cam photos. I attempted every time to argument the opposite, but it seems stiffer and stiffer to do that when people listen to other jealous voices instead of trusting me. What should I explain? That i'm walking sometimes ten miles a day to find such a girl? That sometimes it can happen to shoot a nymph two times if you come to the same plage every day and every year?That i'm using a hidden 12X 8 mp camera? Some say the quality is too good to be hidden cam. The only argument i can bring is that i could have used a Slr for an even nicer quality, but you can' t takea Slr on a naturist playa, people will hear you immediatly.

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She is my 28 YO ExGF. She uses to wear brief skirts, little dresses and tee-shirts. But now she is crazy about fucking me so I'm always daring her to wear smaller and thiner apparels in public sans underwear, obviously I buy all her clothes, so when she uses them I never tell her the truth about how see-trhu they indeed are. She thinks that she just looks like a daring woman, but I'm sure that everybody in the street think that she is just a paid tramp cause a GF won't go out clad like a whore. When she starts to perceive handy in some places like parks, restaurants or in the street, I just pull up her mini-skirt or down her tee-shirt in front of strangers, I just want her to sense suggested like a bitch. More to come.

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