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Hey Kate, Team and nudist'ers! I would just like to wish everyone a Blessed 2005 Fresh Year! 2004 seemed to just fly by but it was a good year all in all! I hope y'all brought in the fresh year with an awesome celebration. I'm looking forward to 2005 and all it has to suggest me. I hope each and every one of you get all you wish for this year! Just desired to send in some fresh pics for you. They are pretty casual. I'm looking forward to all your comments and would love to hear what you would like to see from me next. I'm always looking for fresh ideas. And for all those that commented on my last contri, Sunburn Pantyhose, I did read all your comments and will do what I can to accomodate you with the requests you gave me. Keep your eyes open for future contris of me in different colored pantyhose! Thanks for the wonderful comments and I'll see ya shortly. Humid kisses.......Sara

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Hi there! I have been watching Spycam web or a lengthy time, I love eyeing all the dolls pose for the surfers, and then surfing over to their sites and eyeing even more hot pics of all the gals. I ultimately took the time to make my own pictures with this fresh digital camera I got. Together with my bf we took a lot of pictures and then made a site together... It was so much fun! I never knew what I "looked like" in pictures till I took these, gave me a little hum watching them :) Anyways, I am Nineteen, about 5'7" and 116 pounds, I have "C" sized breast, but I can still fit into a big "B" boulder-holder, but my jugs are still growning casue I am a late bloomer. I used to be plane as a stick until last year, than I hopped Two hooter-sling sizes this year- YAY! Anyways, I would love for your members to see my pics, gives me a good ego boost, and I love the thought of guys looking at me in my bday suit :) I hope you post my pics- Love S. Las Vega, NV

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