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Lil' J In Her Fresh Pool - Well ...... after spending the last several years "hanging out" at all of our friends pools in the summer, we ultimately broke down and got one ourselves. So far I love it ! I can spend almost the entire day naked ! It's been SO hot here the water senses fine, and since hubby usually manages to have a camera handy, I thought I would send in a few pic's we took over the weekend. P.S. ********** To all you guys heating up your keyboards to fire off the negative comments, give me a break will ya' ? I'm just a 50 year old woman doing this for punches. I know I'm not flawless, but you don't have to always point that out .... ha. So, recall what your mom said. If you don't have something nice to say ............... Bye bye ........ Lil' J

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Hi, Kate and team, I like your page very much and would like to submitsome pictures of me which -in fact- took my paramour some weeks ago. One setwas taken in my vapid, the other one in my lover's flat.As you may realizemy butt cheeks became always somewhat hot and crimson. The question remains:WHY? I like to demonstrate off for my lover's and for your pleasure and I wouldlike to hear from other people how and if they love these shots as well.I've already submitted some of the pics in late January but these didn'tappeared for whatever reason. They are nice and not extreme, arent't they.I'm a German woman who lives near of Mannheim, my age is 41 and I'm blondebut brainy. Best wishes and good luck

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