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It's jokey to me that one of the few times Kira isn't raw is when she gets out of the bathroom. I mean, her assets is soaking, and she maintains some moisture even after she towels off, but she does dry up fairly a bit down below. One of the very first times she IM'd me online--before we met up the very first time, hooked up, and took pics for our site--she spent a good five minutes telling me about how much moisture there is when she gets truly revved on, and it only took a little bit of mental stimulation for her to sense that way. After I asked if she had ever tasted herself, she blushingly admitted she had and it truly revved her on. I asked her what it tasted like on the phone and urged her to taste herself for me and give me a description. I must say that her take on it--a mix of cinnamon and honey--was fairly accurate when I tasted it the very first time. I had her touch herself then taste it, then I smooched her right after. In some ways it was more erotic than going hetero for the source, but I would be hard pressed to choose inbetween the two. This night in particular, I think she must have been a bit tapped out after our earlier open up, but post-shower it permitted me to get some good detail in these pics.

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Howdy again! I have been away visiting family and got back a little while ago. I was looking at some pics and attempting to get back into the wag of things, and embarked thinking about these pics today that I took the last time I went away for a weekend vacation. Its only been a little over a month since David was kind enough to let me tag along on a biz tour (I kind of insisted on it so he had to. hehe). The place we stayed was truly nice and gave us a lot to do indoors. Anytime I travelled before it was total Motel Six cheap rooms so here I was struck. This bench gave me some ideas and I thought itd be joy to take some photos on it. I am inspired to take more fresh pics and the comments here and on our site have been excellent. Lots of ideas floating in my head so more soon!

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