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M* 1st Time Cockybastard This is my very first contri. "Cockybastard" is an affectionate term my GF calls me frequently. Sorry ladies (and very likely a few gents), I'm afraid it's more a description of my personality than of my endowment (it's not bad though!). The photo session came out of boredom and horniness stemming from my GF being out of town for Ten days. So, these are all self-portraits - who knew taking pics of oneself was so difficult?! Gratefully, I need to hide my face for employment reasons anyway because the facial cumshot expressions were just to bad for words! The last shot was actually taken in an elevator at an office building one night - not much risk of being caught, but still a rush! Well, maybe when my GF gets back I can talk her into a photo shoot with her and/or both of us. In any event, I'll most likely post again (assuming your comments are nice - I have fragile feelings you know!) when I can come up with some fresh stuff

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Cynthia K - Double-Plus Good After reading the comments here and emails thru my site, I agree that it may be my need to overanalyze and articulate things that has everyone at University thinking I am too harmless and awkward to have even had romp. And yes, dressing like a TOTAL dork most of the time hasn't helped matters. Nor has my verbose language or percocious nature. LOL. I take convenience in the fact that I'm at least sexually experienced in the technical sense. I have indeed experienced's happened a few times...and I even took pictures and movie a duo of them. LOL. But since I give everyone the opposite impression, I fear it precludes fresh opportunities to further explore my sexual and sinful urges. To overcome this, my flatmate suggests I embark cursing like a sailor, to embark. LOL. At least I'm glad that my wardrobe received such a good reaction with my last contribution. I desired to fulfill a few requests with the 2nd half of the photos, and I hope you love them. :)

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