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And the TWITTER monster caught my eye. Live, thought I? LIVE? FROM THE BEACH? =================================== So I'm here, NOW, tweeting from the sands as you read this checking out these shots - sent as damn well live as the voy-zone can permit. Taken only DAYS ago from the fever and humidity. Read all about it on my twitter account (set up a TWATTER account for you haters...), the highs, the lows the equipment failures and the snatched gems of moments! ===================== Ensue my shenanigans NOW - I've been recording my progress this last week on Twitter - just sign up and 'follow' theSandfly and Perceive the live cunt =========================================== Been gone so lengthy - lengthy enough to say I told you so: those Black Sea fakers, tuttutut, beguiling the simpletons of the world with their flummery and pretty fakery. Nothing REAL. Shallow entertainment and still at the multi-nic-paid-for-pic game - they are Private Benjamin and Gi Jane to the Sandfly's Director's cut of Saving Private Ryan and Apocalypse Now. ======================== I am real, I am alive, the voyeurism is REAL and almost LIVE. ===================== Join the rail NOW. Hop in, for Project Mayhem will be one of the largest surprise events on the web this year. Or any year. Tweeting as we speak right now at theSandfly. See the LIVE sand reports. THIS will be the year of the Sandfly. Here's a few the ladies that have been prancing about gloriously naked in front of me just these past few MOMENTS...

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