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Welcome to the 2002 issue of the naturist Yearbook, where you can see many of your faves from the naturist campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse thru it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! Ms. Denice is one of Two Home Economics Teachers at naturist School. Her emphasis is on the culinary side of things. One of her specialties syrup. She displays for the class the need for a rigid grip and good wrist activity with lots of stamina to stroke the batter when mixing in the ingredients. She coordinates this practice with a special Ms. Dee, the Hump Ed Teacher, instructs. Ever creative, Ms. Denice also knows the importance of cleaning up a mess and showcases to the students how some messes are tasty to clean up. Often calling on volunteers like Art Student Lacy and Band Member Sam to eat up any stray bits of syrup that may have gotten on her during class. Ms. Denice is active tho' out the school in various activities. She is popular with Coaches Cherokee, Francesca, and Heide, bringing them something tasty to nibble on after practice. She is the only one permitted to bring food into Ms. Mercia€™s library, where they head to Ms. Mercia€™s office, >close the door and snack for fairly some time. The Earth Science Teacher, Mr. Thundercloud, often is seen in the Home Ec kitchen with Ms. Denice heating up her buns. Principal HH, known for her sweet tooth, has made sure that Ms. Denice always has slew of chocolate syrup on palm for the faculty meetings (always the administrator, Principal HH chooses to conserve plates and utensils and have the chocolate sauce spread over skin and gobbled offa€¦.). Ms. Denice and Ms. Lauren have worked together on many projects and you can often find them together in Ms. Laurena€™s sewing room in various stages of undress as they clearly are attempting fresh clothing patternsa€¦. Ms. Denice is famous with the cheerleading squad for her constant supply of jello shooters during practice. Demonstrating, of course, the decent techniquesa€¦. Bi-Captains Nikki~ and Nina are her prized pupils in jello shooter class. To no ones surprise, Truancy Queen Rose, Celeste, Giselle, Dela, and Class Clown Banjo are the starlets of the figure shots class. Ms. Denice is Coach of the naturist School Co-ed Jello Wrestling Team. Her squad consists of Banjo, Cowgirl TxTina, performing arts student Michelle and class valerdictorian ~Lara~. These Four spend a lot of time with Ms. Denice making the jello and practising their moves with each other for hours. Ms. Denice is very regarded at naturist School for all her dedication and involvement. It is no wonder she has been voted most likely to train you to "cream". Love your fresh yearbook, and please don't leave behind to sign our memory pages!

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Hellonudist crew,fans, and friends!! Someone asked Highlander about "public" in the background, we attempt to get as much public as we can when wetake NIP pics. Thanks toHeide, my wonderful and sweet friend, we have come a lengthy way since we very first commenced taking pictures.Here are a few of my own that we have done. Heide did take place in a few of these. In fact she was the one who took the restaurant pictures for me. I think she likes me!!! Ha!!! (Love ya babe!) In the last contribution we left out some of my faves for the dare list. I dreamed to share them with you.At thisbustop downtown, if you look closely you will see a side of Heide in the background. Before we went downtown to be horny we picked some corn and we look like Two little girlsgetting into trouble!!The 3rd is inwards a malltalking on the pay phone half naked! Being at the restaurant was so much fun! I think one of the waiters gave mea tip! Ha! The emergency phone was in the same underground parking lot that Heide and I took pictures at. This was coming close to the end of our night. One day I went out for a walkdown this beautiful nature trail. Unnecessary to say it was a hot day and even sexier night!!! Hehehe! The last is dedicated to one of my devotees at the airport. Do you see the 3rd person? I had lots of joy with these and can't wait to go back out for more! Thankyou to everyone who left comments for us. Ilove reading them. Enjoy! Love,

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