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Jade Oiling My Culo Two - Hi ya'll, wow, you guys never cease to amaze me! So glad you indeed like my butt!! lol Your comments were great! Particularly Enrique(hey, Cancun sounds good), Shawn(as usual), Dave(you bad boy), Nasty(oooh, yes you are, but I like it HEHE) and Nascar(you can drive me home any time sugar)!! If you Indeed like my bum, check out AT LEAST the preview clip of my latest rubdown movie. I get my bottoms pulled down and a thumb up where the sun don't shine!! Very wacky 35 min flick. Oh, the email question. OK, how about i do both?? I'll put up a fresh email address on The Velvet Curtain briefly, but can I still response comments here? You guys are so good, I would love to do both. Anyway, here's a few more butt pics, so oil up those thumbs (and other things) and let's have some fun!! Jade

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Yes, I'm still a redhead, tytyty for al your advice. I can trust it, right?? Just kidding. Reminisce, I'm the rookie on this end of the voy-zone block! I want to keep my site fresh and updated (wanna keep you guys happy), so I've had a coupla movies made! The very first is in a car. Boeman interviews me(I put that part free to download) and then I unwrap going down the highway, in the members section. I indeed don't know how he talks me into this stuff. I've also taken some fresh picturs, the very first of which you see now. When I very first attempted this apparel on it looked to big on me and I wasn't glad with it. Boeman said it looked good, and after I looked at the pictures, he again was right. (damn it) lol See ya shortly with more!

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