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Jordan is a totally hot Puerto Rican honey that I photographed in South Strand. These were shot on a nude strand we had heard about. When we got there, it was packed. Jordan, my two assistants and I walked thru hundreds of people lounging out getting sun naked. We realized about halfway down the strand that it was a Queer plage. All folks. Hahaha. We didn't get bothered much when Jordan commenced unclothing down with dozens of nude boys all around us. A black man walked up the sand and stopped right next to where we were shooting so he could witness. I'm telling you, the guy's man sausage strung up down to his knees. It was at least Ten inches soft, and the largest thing I'd ever seen. I think Jordan liked what she saw! Love these natural photos from sunny South Sand in Miami, Florida.

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Howdy there to the best damned site on the web! My wifey and I recently went to the city to feast our anniversary. This contri shows our tour there and her getting ready to go out. She had Trio orgasms playing with herself on the Two hour drive. It's kinda soft for RC's, but I will be following up with the real gonzo stuff from afterward that weekend very briefly. After 17 yrs of marriage and Two kids, this fine lady still gets my blood boiling more than anyone I've ever met. I look forward to all the comments on the BB and I love all the comments you post with the pics! Please call this Hot Mama (Going Out). I hope everyone enjoys! Thanks!

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