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Hi nudist'ers, I've been asking Sweets to permit me to send in some contris for Six months and she has eventually agreed to let me do 1 set to see what kind of response we get. So I think 1 set means 1 for naturist and 1 for RC...LOL. Some of the quality is not the best, sorry, but maybe she will let me do another set and with practice.. we all get better!! We had a fine time doing these and were laughing calmly attempting not to wake up the Whats life sans a few risks now and then? When we were done with the pics she romped my butt but good for a duo of hours!! I'm gonna keep the camera handy... any suggestions would be cool. Droolin Dork

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Eip Scavenger Hunt Four - this is for the gas and atm dares. someone posted a comment on our last contri that said he voted scanty just because he thought we are in this for the money. for all you that don't read the nudistbb. some guys came up with a list of dares to be finished inbetween sep 30th and nov 30. 34 in all, hence the number of posts. i thought it was a fine idea. if we win some money along the way, all the finer. attempt to keep in mind that i am more jumpy than she is. she would be naked 24-7 if she had her way. and once she gets people looking, it is hard to get her to stop. i do worry about getting arrested. and losing my camera. thanks to all you wonderful people that left nice commenst. they indeed do make up for the negative ones. can't believe there is enough time in the day to make rude comments. love. i know i do:)

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