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Sandy Redhead and Friends at N.A.P. Here are the very first Ten of my pictures from Nudes-A-Poppini that I promised you that I would post. Last year, I entered the contest, and I posted some contris that were well received. This year, I determined to have more eiFUNii by remaining in the audience, and taking pictures with some fresh friends. I determined to wear my crimson leather mini sundress, with nothing on underneath. That made it very effortless to drop my top, and lift up my miniskirt eiin a flashii. You wouldnit believe the hundreds of people who asked me to eiflashii and pose with them. For almost 8 hours, I never said einoii, and I did my best to accommodate everybody. There will be more pictures to go after, both here and on voy-zone. If you love these pictures, please leave a **SUPERB** vote, and tell me eihowii you love them. I get so excited when I read your wild and SEXY comments! Reminisce to leave your e-mail address if you would like a individual reply. With HOT SEXXXY love,

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Hi Kate, Jerry, Team, and voy-zonebers!! All of your messages on my last few contris and the threads on the boards have been great! You guys indeed know how to make a chick happy! ;)~ This is how we spent a latest afternoon at home. We had a babysitter and nothing to do for a entire afternoon so why not get out the camera? I love jeans and that is just about all I wear when I'm just around the mansion. It can be kind of joy to just sit back and see a doll get stripped out of her everyday clothes, right? The only problem with being a taunt, is that it gets us both worked up. So as our little photoshoot progressed I got more and more...caught up in the moment. It made for superb pictures, but part two will have to go in to voy-zone. That's ok with you right? *wicked grin* There has been lots of drama all over the BBs about those of us who post our links to our FRC/PA/PAQ sites on our contris. I have my own PA site and have ever since Kate embarked the PA/Fnudistproject two years ago. My site has almost 3000 pictures, it shows all of my contris to naturist and RC, (nearly 100 now) and lots more. I still post here and support naturist and Kate, and plan on continuing. No upgrades, no pop-ups and no links to my "real" site, just an extension of my posting here at voy-zone. If you're not interested, neglect the link, love the contri, and I will post more here briefly. They will be accomplish sets and never just taunts. See ya in Crimson or on the boards!! Love,

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