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Hi Kate and naturist friendsO Last July me and my housband were having a promenade in the country side, not that far from the place were me and Vanessa did highjeck in summer i03...It has to be somethini about the atmosphere.... or something in the air but I was tempted to leave the sundress upon the earth and perceive free (it hapens everytime when we walk thru those fields...!) Mauro had the camera with him ;-) of course, the rest hapened by itself.... Many Many hughs and smooches to all of you. Vote me and write me Iitry to answare to all the messages I recive, ok? Yours Elise Ciao A Tutti gli amici e ai fans...questa estate a luglio io e mio marito abbiamo fatto una gita in campagna, non lontano da dove io e Vanessa facemmo liautostop nude liestate scorsa.....insomma dyiO quando facemmo macello ;-))O.BEOSary liatmosfera che si respira, sary che sono maialaOmi son ritrovata nuda unialtra volta! Mauro ha scattato al volo con la sua reflex alcuni scatti,poi ci siamo divertiti a giocare con gli ultimi raggi del foot al tramonto. Non vi descrivo cosa E successo dopoOperchE questo E solamente un contri free-stile. Votate votate votate e scrivetemi in tanti, cercherU di rispondere a tuttiO. Vostra Elise

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Howdy naturist, Very first, I have been a member for a little while, at voy-zone, and have visited your site regularly for a while now. It is the greatest! I am blessed to submit these four photos....i received them from an online friend i met...she said she would be very revved on knowing someone else is observing them. Little does she know how many pulses will increase as a result of her being posted on here.... She is 45.....and BEAUTIFUL.....we have even talked about spending any prize money, if we were to win , to get a hotle and take some fresh ones! I sure hope everyone helps me out here! hehe sign this, anxious to meet fresh friend

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