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It repulses me to read the comments that some of you guys leave about these women on here. To think about you overweight pathetic pervs sitting in a corner wanking off to a computer screen, hiding from the world hoping that you don't get caught. And you have the courage only because of your computer screen to throw off on the women that have posted on here. Imagine if the other constituants on this site could see you sitting in your stained underwear ashamed for the world to see how far you have let yourselves go. This site could be a good thing but because of you it has become the last place you would want to share your photos of anyone. This is not art but, a place for you morons who couldn't get a corpse to sleep with you to force your opinions on the world. For the rest of you who share the love of the female form I am posting one more time just to ge these words posted thankyou for your kind words. If these selfindulgent one inch peckered losers stop commenting I will be back but not untill.

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Hi to everyone out there in naturist land from Finland :) Eventually we got our Four restrain bondage series ready for you.With some goodwill from the naturist team this very first one will go to PS. We're fairly fresh into restrain bondage, but gosh this is truly something :)) After gotten into this can't think of anything more stimulating. It's simply just so utterly erotic - being tied up of T's careful and loving forearms, the perceiving of the cock-squeezing ropes around J's tits waiting to be sucked, the chastity belt stimulating the pleasure button and not to leave behind the sultry love making... All what it's about in its own beautyful way is love, passion and trust inbetween two people. We've attempted to reflect this special mood also in the series. Of course we're aware that s/m doesn't appeal to everybody. If you don't like, don't bother to waste your time here. If you do like it, pls leave a comment - they will be read with pleasure and make us horny... Love :))

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