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Howdy everyone in nudist-land from the UK. We've been prompted to send you some pics by the Fresh Talent section. This is my wild wifey, Electrical Blue, who still looks pretty good for 48 don't you think? We have many pictures, but these captured the spirit just right, after the photo session we had a good bonk, and I managed to capture our fluids running in rivulets down her stockings too (grin). Look out for some EIP contribs briefly. Look forward to what you think. PDPMEMA Oh..and the last pic is a bonus FLY IGOR, yes I regularly fly on this aircraft whose number is G-IGOR ! Maybe I should win the competition for "Biggest thing called Kate"? What? No such competition? awww

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There's a fresh flick out...Southern Illinois Amateurs 3-Toys In Us...and I'm a starlet in it. It's about Trio chicks (Me, Lia, Mysti) who each have some solo joy with whatever is handy. I'll have pics of each segment for you. The last was my hairbrush, here you'll see my fresh vibe, and I've got some pretty wacky things I toyed with that I'll showcase you afterward. E-mail if you want vid info, or go check out some sample clips on my site. I just put some fresh ones up and even have a freebie clip for those of you who haven't joined....yet! Hope you love it all. I'll have some more Nymphotic behavior to showcase you indeed shortly. -Nelli

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