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Hi naturist squad and fans! I know my "anxious husband" is about to post "Julie's Third", so I thought I'd hit him to the punch and send one for the gals. Please post in the NIP section as we've been caught there by others (in some embarassing moments). Sorry these aren't "at attention", but those are only for me. Please let him (and me) know what you think. We took these with a digital camera (the only way to go). Kate, (or is it Zoey) you can put these in any order, but please be kind. My "anxious husband" is over 40 and you (Kate & Jerry) know how boys get over 40! Thanks, and don't post my E-mail address!

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Sometimes in life something beautifull shows up out of nowhere. Such is the case with C lyn. She emerged to me form 4000 miles away in fact from the rolling green countryside known as Ireland. I was sent some pictures and asked if I thought she could be pretty enough and sexy enough to show up in naturist as she knew I have poseted others here several times. I told not omly yes but Hell yes please send pics and I'll edit and post them. She did and here is the very first of what I hope will be many more contris. C lyn is poseing before a camara for the very very first time like this and her photographer has had the camara for just a duo of weeks. I think they did very well the very first time out. Sorry for croping off at the neck. Her bf insisted she not flash her absolutely beautifull fase. What a shame that is but we will conform with his wishes. This Time. I hope you love and vote high so maybe she will demonstrate us more includeing her face!!!!!!!!!! The CAPT

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