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ok, you loved her "nice view" and "Happy Fresh Year" so i'm sending some shots of her having joy on a HOT night at a bar. this sundress was so short! and as you see she didn't have undies on (as usual). she was flashing all over the place! I love the shot of her on the stool arching over the rail looking down at the street. the bar was packed and everyone had the same view that you see in this photo!! I was getting so revved on watching people walk by and stare at her hot exposed donk and sleek hairless puss. if you look close you can see the crimson marks on her bum from sitting back on the stilettos of her footwear, she would thrust her butt out against her high-heeled shoes and everything would spread open!!(all the guy's were going f**king nuts!) it was fine when that boy came over and embarked talking to her, she just stayed propped up on the rail as we all loved the showcase. want more? What would you have done if you were at the bar that night? please post your comments, we love hearing them!!!

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Wave For the past week Lexi has been anxiously awaiting her 2nd fucktoy for the voy-zone Romp Plaything Test. We were planning to go out to a fresh niteclub tonight and Lexi was getting clad when the doorbell rang. When she looked out and spotted the UPS truck she ran to the door before she had a chance to put her undies on. The UPS fellow never stayed so lengthy to talk before, Hmmm!! I wonder why? Well, I attempted to get Lexi to wait until we got home but she tore into the box and embarked to elavuate her fresh Tidal Wave waterproof wand right then and there. She was sooooooo excited she didn't even take the time to get disrobed, hope you all don't mind... The Tidal Wave is a soft waterproof gel type plaything and it was correctly named because Lexi "rode" the wave to two very intense orgasms afterwhich she rated it a Four out of Four on her official "O-rgasm" meter. If there is a fault at all with this fucktoy it's that it is a bit noisy otherwise it passed all her rigorous, quality managed tests... A little lubricant does wonders and the magical "ribs" circleing the shaft drove her CRAZY... We're already planning our next ST test. Hmmm, What fucktoy should she test next? Lexi wants all the Redcloud members to suggest her ideas about which of the fresh fucktoys to test next and then she'll order that one. Well, ta-ta for now.. By the way, we did go to the club but Lexi couldn't wait to get home to rail her Tidal Wave again... Thanks again Kate, I can't tell you how much this fresh ST test contest has revved my sweet and sexy Lexi on... Believe me folks, being sexy and sensuous doesn't end after your 20's or 30's. Lexi is proof of that, your 50's can still be just as "fun".

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