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Hubby and I wished to make our last freestyle contri for the year and figured we'd attempt the NY contest. We were going to take photos in our backyard among the fallen leaves. Unluckily latest rains had made the ground too muddy to do so. We determined instead to do a few photos on the steps that lead to an old patio beside our home. Even tho' things didn't go as planned, we thought we'd share what we have. We would also like to thank everyone for the comments left to us on our past contris and for the kind response we received on our most latest PS posting (Among The Pillows on Oct. 16) Thank you again and best wishes........

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WARNING: Dialog! Greetings, Jerk-monkeys! As promised, here is the HC version of our latest contri, a€?Playing Doctora€?. Because ita€™s a role play set, hubby chatters a bit. Also, we lost ALL the clips from our wide-angle HD camera, so this is edited from the Point of view web cam that remained a€“ SO, we lost the best of the money-shots, even tho' we videoed the ending FOUR TIMES. With a dead PC, this was not a lucky contri. At any rate, here I am, getting a thorough vaginal examination and trim from a BONE-a-fide doctor. At least, thata€™s what he told me. With the costs of medical care these days, a free exam is a free exam, you know? Still, Ia€™m not certain of his credentialsa€¦ I suspect he just desired to penetrate me orally and vaginally while filming the joy. Little did he know, I would have done it ANYway sans the bullshit. (PS a€“ please dona€™t look at my asshole while hea€™s fucking me like a dog a€“ ita€™s VERY abjecting for me to have you see me this way!) Do you want to fuck me? Can you spend a few hours north of Cincinnati one day? Leave a nice comment, superb vote and a valid address a€“ Ia€™ll send you something nice, in come back, and tell you how you, too, can spunk all over me! LOVES and KISSES! PERVERT!

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