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Hey everybody, Randi got alot of good comments on her last contri. We hope these are loved just as much. We've sent some to PS, Randi as Santa's helper. O.K. I know you guys & gals want more pics of Randi having fucky-fucky or providing head. Well I'll be fair with you, when we're having hook-up or she's providing me head it's indeed hard to hold the camera and concentrate on taking pics. The reason being is she is ONE HELL OF A WOMAN, so when she says " put the camera down and FUCK ME " that's exactly what I do. I wouldn't want to disappoint her now would I. I'll attempt and do finer with the pics, just give me some time. And before you ask, No I don't need any help with her, but thank you anyway.

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While the Black Sea boys bitchslap each other over photoshoop-shooped twats and who left behind to pay the monthly modelling fees/paysite rent, here's something pretty unusual for the WIS section these days - REAL hidden cam photographs. ============================== Unfinished project time, too as I throw in some torturous highlighted shots of the Good Milky Whale; that woman will one day meet my ambition and be beautifully captured; until then I give you, gents voyeurs, the appreciation of my field reconnaissance shots and her stunning natural form as yet clearly defined. Tantalise, tantalise, Jimmy the Hoover says. =========================== Delve in, dear voyeurs - you won't find playboy-perfect photography, paysite-ready, punter-fleecing. Or one who cares. What you'll find is fair, gritty reality, from the clothing-optional beaches to your bleeding eyes.================== Moving movi../../imagesnew can be found June 20 in the erotic clips section for paramours of the situational and, in particular, sapphic dates. A classical original. ================== Recall, praise the pros, but save your votes for the amateurs and your hate for the Sandfly. ==================== Dear FUQ, my admin stalker with the downvoting inclination and the bitterest porcine resentment of all Sandfly vernacular: I shall not mention you again save for this warning to all who have recognised your Sandfly obsession - beware those in positions of confidence who trickle duplicity and have access to your personal/financial details, gentlemen; you never know who you can mistrust. ================= Sandfly, but for how long? I was, I witnessed, I awe.

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