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Tea sent me a rather excited instant message about the amazing day she'd been having, packed me in on gossip regarding people I don't even know, all before she got to her main point: she got a bounty certificate to the mall and bought a sexy chunk of nightwear and fresh undies that she was all too ecstatic to showcase me. Since she still lives at home, it was summoning to get me over there at the right time, but I was more than willing to remain pliable since she wished to take some pics in them--I love how she even attempts to pitch me on the idea sometimes! Personally, I think she looks rather adorable in and out of them.

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Darling And Richard Play From Parking Lot To R - Taking up where we left off in Exhibitionist Photos, Darling?s faithful aficionados will recall that we met Richard thru the naturist Exhibitionists thread. His nic is seethrulover because he truly has a thing for observing and helping gals flash off in public. As admirers have seen in some of the pics from our time with him he is VERY charming and persuasive. He had Darling?s melons in his palms and puffies in his mouth within minutes of our meeting at his motel. Then off we went to the restaurant where he continued to keep up the play but I was ready to get back to the motel where inhibitions, and other things, can let go. Here?s what happened.

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