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Bought this garment for her about a year ago - she just got around to modeling it for me. It did not take lengthy before things embarked to progress & I became a little dissipated. This is our 1st contri - have been a member for about 4yrs. & determined it was time to participate. Hope to get good response so we can proceed. Her Nickname - "Double Puss" PHOTO COMMENTS: Pic #1 - Making my temperature rise! Pic #2 - Providing me the rear view. Pic #3 - I think she is ready !?! Pic #4 - Time to take her temp. Pic #5 - Taking her breath away. Pic #6 - I love to look at two fuckboxes at one time. Pic #7 - Things have gotten pretty succulent & we both have a temperature. Pic #8 - Total Bliss!!!

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we are both voyeurs and exhibitionists. grace always witnessed herself as an gross duckling, but after we met Ten yrs ago her exhibitionist side came out. i think she is beautiful, even after Two pregnancies. guys, it's nature. women want to have kids, and their figures switch a lot after kids. get used to it. find something sexy about it. even stunners like tokyo princess and katia would switch. me? i love the spread marks. it's decoration to me. and i love how they get softer even if they don't retain the fat from being knocked up. there is one thing that i'll miss about preggie cootchie. it's always hot, wet,and VERY soft. these photos were taken after the very first pregnancy, and during the 2nd. love. we are looking for a hot bisexual lady who is good with a camera to witness, take photos , and maybe join in. any takers?

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