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Howdy all my voy-zone friends. Here's a set of pictures for my special friends that have had so many good comments for my pictures the last Nine months. I truly like reading everything you write, from both boys and women. My hubby took these pictures one night when I was eyes covered. At the time, I didn't know he was going to gauze us, but, I should have known something was up when he practically carried me upstairs and told me to be "ready" in Five minutes. Regardless, I had a very good time that night and I look forward to many more with him. Also, I want to say hi to some nudistChat Room friends: Littlebit, MikefromKC and Jocko. These were taken May 27th by my hubby with a JCV movie camera, then he hooks the camera up to the computer and these pictures just pop out (Heck, I don't indeed know how he does it). Please call them "KellyGirl playing" and add these to your contest. If I win anything, Please just renew our voy-zone membership. By the way, how about a contest for the sexiest and most unsheathing shots taken in Lingerie?

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