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Howdy to Kate and the rest of the Spycam Web squad, and to the millions of naturist devotees and contributors worldwide. I owe you all a debt of gratitude. My horny spouse visits your wonderful site faithfully two times daily, and thanks to the constant flow of fresh and sexy submissions distracting and occupying him, I am able to get a few minutes' reprieve each day -- a brief interval of peace and refreshment whenever he is online. That is your ongoing bounty to me! If not for the naturist, I would be a tired and sore woman indeed. Don't get me wrong, I love romp and public exhibitionism as much as anyone who sends her pics to the naturist, but even I can't keep up with my husband's supercharged libido! Well, I thought that it was only fair that I give something back in exchange. Linked are eight pictures of me. The very first one shows me getting stripped. (Getting out of that corset is fairly a project!) The next two flash me luving a warm, steamy soak with some friends in their hot bath. The fourth shows me providing my hubby a quick flash in my green bathrobe. The fifth shows me getting bra-less on an upstairs balcony facing the street, with my preceding hot bathtub companions cheering me on. The sixth is a Polaroid self-portrait I took in a mirror. The seventh is me falling out of my blue sundress, and ultimately the eighth shows me in a daring mood, standing naked outside my room door. These eight pictures have never before been shown anywhere on the Internet. I am looking forward to reading comments on the BB. Sorry that I had to cover up my face and delete the other people from view -- I realize how many of you hate that -- but my job and my political involvements make it necessary, so I'm afraid it's this or nothing. Thanks, and I hope everyone loves these shots. Hugs, smooches, and exuberant bareness to all!

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SWA and I took these pictures during our time together at a local motel. I think you can tell we both found the practice to be fairly arousing. We will be traveling to Denver for a lengthy weekend in May. We have a standing No Underwear Rule that applies whenever we are together. SWA has a number of garbs that she will be wearing that will make our Rule demonstrable to the casual observer. She will be hard pressed to hide her fantastic puffies and cunt from view. It will be fairly titillating, as she's never shown herself to strangers before. We’d like to get some pictures for the EIP section. If any nudistmembers familiar with Denver can recommend any locales, particularly those with good food and drinks (and high bar stools and low pool tables), where they like to flash off, we’d be grateful. We will be staying at the Mon Chalet while in Denver. We’d love reading any observations anyone has about our motel of choice, too. We hope you love our pictures. We certainly liked taking them. We’ll have many more for nudistfrom Denver.

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