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Hey guys just bought a fresh attire tonight and desired to see if everyone likes it or not. Sorry they are kind of tame but we just witnessed this backhoe and determined to take some quick ones. I will send some nicer ones when we get a chance to take some that are hopefully a little more creative and showcase more of me in all my plain country woman glory. Thanks for all the supreme comments on my prior contributions they indeed helped me sense finer about myself and give me the confidence I needed to attempt and take some finer pics for those of you that love witnessing me. Anyways enough rambling I hope you love the pics.

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We had a request a few weeks ago to buy the Queen Mary while we're at it buying private theaters and planes, so why not?! Okay, since no one believes our public shots are public unless there are people in the background, we're submitting under 'freestyle' for these shots we took at Damien's high school reunion on the Queen Mary last summer. We were on a lonely top deck, but still dodging late night sightseers who loved the night air *almost* as much as I do. But unlike them, I like perceiving it on all of my skin. Care to take a rail with me; a pleasure cruise on the lovely Queen Mary?

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