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ok, i've been living here for over three weeks now, and i have not got anything done. my couch is a mess, and my clothes are just everywhere. usually, i'm very good at keeping organized, but with tryinig to find a finer job, and also going to classes three days a week, i indeed can't find the energy to come home and commence moving things. i also need to do some major shopping. not for clothes or anything, (although i did get some killer boots a few days ago). tomorrow, we are going to go look for some paints because i can't wait to paint my room a nifty sky blue color. for those of you that don't know, i'm gigantic on arts and crafts. that's most likely why you ass-holes out there don't like my tatoos. j/k, but you people just have no taste. whatever, i don't indeed care. you don't have to see em everyday or anything.

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