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Hi all ! 2nd contri, last one was one year ago. But two year of visiting your fabulous site ! I'll attempt to give more, as manys others gave me so much ! Here are some pics from Belgium beaches, so lovely ... Hope you'll like them. I promise to get nicer quality for next time. Actualy, I walk on along the plage as someone looking for his child. I have my camera, and when I walk by a beautiful lady, I shoot sans aiming. Lot of loosen pics, but less caughing troubles ! I use the "hyperfocale" method (I don't know how to say in english), it's effortless, you take a lens of 28 mm, you put the distance on 1,5 or Two meters, and the diaph on 16 ! And the subjects aren't fuzzy inbetween 1 and Ten meters away ! I suppose you know it's for NIP ! And usual saluting to everybody: PDPWYK (Please don't publish what you know !) Call this "Lovely Belgium 98", !

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This is the very first of a Two part contri. I didn't know what to write about it, but then I remembered that guys only CLAIM to buy the magazines for the articles, so I figured it doesn't truly matter what I say. :-) To those of you who left the excellent comments on my preceding contris... THANK YOU! I love them. Yes, I truly am 37. I love taking my own pictures, so I am not in need of a photographer, but I appreciate all the offers. And to save you all the bother of asking... I am not interested in selling my panty, footwear, hose pipe, or anything else except possibly my hubby. Anyone interested in him may make an suggest.

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