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Some relatives are born free due to their cultural environment – I am right now speaking of tribal cultures with so little society taboos that it sometimes makes me envious. Still, I think that this freedom can be sometimes accessed even in our society. And by saying that I mean that if we just sometimes bring ourselves to let go of this unnatural shame and fear to stay without garments not even somewhere in a busy downtown area, but in a picturesque get-away in open air where one can feel more closely connected to nature. Such a long preface to my story is a total must, as I cannot think of a single person in my close environment with whom I could possibly have this sort of nudist chat. As you have obviously guessed, I am a confirmed nudist with some twenty years of nude beaching experience. It all began quite naturally for me, as both of my parents were quite uninhibited persons and they were ardent enthusiasts of nudism – or naturalism, as it is most commonly referred ...

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So I am now speaking from my own experience while stating that our modesty is only about habits – as children we do not have this shame about being naked in public, but as we grow up we are taught to feel it. And this is something I cannot possibly set up with.

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So that one morning, right after the brekkie, me and Veronica put out for this exciting adventure – and I must admit that I got cold feet at the beginning, but having someone as bold and nonchalant as Veronica helped a lot. Naturally, when we arrived at the spot she was the first to take off her skimpy top and shorts and reveal the fact that she wasn’t wearing any swimsuit (in contrast to me; I was decided to undress that same day on the beach, but something in me told me it would be easier for me to adjust to my new nudist nature gradually). The beach, against my better expectations, was quite a crowded put that day (as every next day of our short vacation), but although the place was practically thronged with attractive women of another age groups ...

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It took me a while to get accustomed to the angle that my breasts and my genitals were on display at nudust competition, and I felt pretty sure I was being watched by hundreds of onlookers

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In the recent years the focus has started to shift onto men as well. Magazines like "Men's Health" and "GQ" right now feature hunky studmuffins on the girl, encouraging men who are overweight and obese to get themselves into shape. After all, most decent women like a guy who takes care of his body and his health because it shows that he is fit enough to be able to protect her and her children if she decides she wants to bear any by him. Despite what the politically correct brigade have been trying to teach us, humanity is still about "survival of the fittest". It's been like that ever since we were created and will continue to be long after we are all dead. Modern nudist video men don't have nearly as much stuff aimed at them. ...

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By this, he was not talking about being merely sexually attracted to a girls atnaturist videos

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Many think that naturists are nudists – the fans of nude pastimes on a beach. But while nudists are mainly preoccupied with their bodies acquiring even suntan, relatives promoting family naturism associate themselves with an integral part of nature. They see nude beach appearance as unity of a man and nature (at the same time, not all of naturists admit of complete nudity on a beach). Naturist clubs have their own family nudist beaches, swimming pools, sportive grounds, etc. which are created without age and gender restrictions, and often full families have memberships in them ...

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Today family nudists are joined by reps of every stratum, gender and race.

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About a month or two after those few incidents, my parents and sister go out of town for a basketball tournament leaving the home to myself. After about an hour after they leave, I drop my garments in my residence and go downstairs to watch TV. Eventually it's dinner time, so I walk into our garage and go into the freezer to find something to eat. I remember this vividly because I was freezing for only being out there for 30 seconds. Anyways, I go back in and walk to the kitchen through the front of the room (the blinds were closed) and I go into the kitchen like normal and start cooking my food. I go back down and sit on the couch and that's when I realized I walked by an open window in the kitchen. I snuck back to the kitchen and peered out the window to see if my neighbor's windows are open, but fortunately they are private, but I notice that my lady neighbor's window is open on the second floor and ...

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Last summer I pass off to go to San Diego on a business misstep, and quite by chance (yes, circumstantially!) I stumbled across a nude beach of San Onofre.
It was in the morning, and there were hardly more than a dozen of people, men, women and children, family nudist... first I had walked by but then I turned back. I resolute to do what had always been spinning round in my head. I had only a cocktail dress, scanty and carpet on, and no bandeau.
To make a long story short, I removed my dress and stayed with my scanty on. I set myself by the very border of the nude beach so that I was kind of with them and kinda by myself. Nobody pays any attention to me. Little by little I am crossing my heart and starting to remove my step-in - nude beach picture.
There is only one thing throb in my brain: dear me, right now I am entirely nude! Sitting there with ... More

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I grew up in a very conservative and closed family and community. I had never been skinny dipping. Nevertheless, after graduating from high tutor, one very hot, overwhelming August weekend night, I and one of my friends were at our another friend's dwelling - complete with secluded outdoor swimming pool. By the way, his relatives were out of state, and his sister was away at tutor (or so we thought).
After having dead several beers a piece, we determined it would be a good angle to enjoy the pool. Since we had no swim suits, it was rational to simply remove our garments and jump in. After splashing around for quite some time, we heard human voices.
Sharply, the one friend's sister comes out

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Two-week nudist holiday to the Greek islands

ll the time I was getting nearer to this music but I couldn't see where it was coming from. Finally, after a lot of clambering, I saw two lady of about 19, 20 - you can find it at my girl nudist photos, long red hair, brown as coffee bean, sitting naked on one of the rocks. One was playing the flute, the unusual gazing at her or out to sea. They were more interested in each unusual than in me, I think. It seemed so romantic that I went a little further and took my off as well. I thought about nude swimming but the water was amazingly cold. Instead, I sat there for a while and then, feeling awkward, got dressed and wandered back. The lady smiled as I passed but I don't think I concerned them as much as each involved the unusual. When I got back

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Plongee …

3604922There are loads of diving shops situated around Le Cap D’agde, and loads of yachts offering diving trips. Unfortunately, even though my friend is a diving fan, when we last visited he was unable to go due to bad weather (well, it was February!) Having spoken to local diving enthuasists, I was informed the scuba diving is not particularly good in this area, but as I havnt ever dived I really can’t give an opinion on this.
As I don’t dive myself, I wouldn’t know where to start in recommending any particular place or company to use. Perhaps you could contact the local tourist office for up to date and accurate information, and get recommendations from them. Every time I have spoken to them I have been able to speak English to the person, and they have always been really helpful and friendly. Their website is

Ile Aux Loisirs


If you like fun, you can’t go on holiday and not visit here. this purpose built entertainment site has something for everyone from a casino to a fairground. The fair opens up around 9 pm each night and closes around 1am. The music pumps out quite loudly, but the location is well thought out, as all the noisiness is located on its own island and not too close to the residential areas.
1 There is the appropriately named Dino Park, with its discovery trail dedicated to extinct lizards.
2 Toonland, rides and attractions for younger children based on cartoon characters. Continue reading “Ile Aux Loisirs”

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