Ile Aux Loisirs


If you like fun, you can’t go on holiday and not visit here. this purpose built entertainment site has something for everyone from a casino to a fairground. The fair opens up around 9 pm each night and closes around 1am. The music pumps out quite loudly, but the location is well thought out, as all the noisiness is located on its own island and not too close to the residential areas.
1 There is the appropriately named Dino Park, with its discovery trail dedicated to extinct lizards.
2 Toonland, rides and attractions for younger children based on cartoon characters. Continue reading “Ile Aux Loisirs”

Agde Musuem …

I would really recommend visiting the museum at Agde. Although there was a lack of english signs/information around the exhibits, the staff were extremely helpful. In fact, one of the staff became our own private tour guide and between my very ‘petit’ french and her rather better english, we understood and enjoyed all the musuem. She even gave a gift to us as we left the musuem, a really appreciated gesture.
The musuem which was founded in 1935 by the association Escolo dau Sarret, containes the treasures of the own and features exhibits including: Continue reading “Agde Musuem …”

Cap d’Agde’s – village naturiste …

cap-d-agde-le-Journal-des-PlagesCap d’Agde’s “village naturiste” is a haven for nudists. It features all the basic amenities of any beach town, within the confines of the village.
The village is guarded and surrounded by barbed wire. You can purchase a card at the entrance that allows you to enter the nudist quarter as you please, which costs 9 euros. They of course only accept a credit card for a purchase 10 euros and up, so have cash.
The Rules
Once you are in, you will have rules to follow. They are the law, so be careful about breaking them:
Access to the quarter is reserved for naturists or those working there.
Total nudity is obligatory within the quarter and the beach, as soon as climatic conditions permit. Most people dress for dinner.
Photo shots and filming are strictly limited to members of the family.
There are also several laws banning any sort of lewd, crude or pornographic behavior. Continue reading “Cap d’Agde’s – village naturiste …”

Cap d’Agde – Nudist Resort

cap_agdeIt’s an unusually busy day at the bank in Cap d’Agde. The nearby cashpoint machine has broken down, so all the customers are having to come in to get their money. A smartly-dressed woman employee dispenses the cash, and a man beside her deals with the resulting tide of paperwork. A long queue of people snakes its way across to the door, but the mood is patient and relaxed. After all, they’re here on their holidays, and they have all the time in the world.
It’s just like any bank anywhere, except for one minor detail: many of the customers are naked. It’s like one of those dreams where you’re walking down a busy shopping street and half the people, yourself included, seem to have forgotten to put on any clothes.This is the quartier naturiste of Cap d’Agde in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France, and scenes like this are everywhere one looks. It is an entire self- contained naked town with its own shops, post offices, petrol station, and a choice of around 30 restaurants and bars. In the height of summer, tens of thousands of people flock here from all over the world. Continue reading “Cap d’Agde – Nudist Resort”

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