My nude beach encounters started a number of years past; strangely enough

, it was my mom who talked me into accompanying her to one of them when we were in France. However, the storyline I’d like to share is all about my other companion, a hot Italian girl by name Clarissa. But let me begin from the beginning.
It all began with a Facebook telling saying that I had from a girl I couldnt recall. Skimming through her profile (the profile image featured to hugging girls, so I had hard time figuring out who was the one that wanted to be friends with me), I shortly found that she was interested in women. I snorted with surprise, but then I found myself thinking that my excitement could only partly be accounted for by surprise
I’m not exactly AC/DC, as they say, but I definitely had this run in me – for one, it’s always been the beauty of that consistently excited me the most. I could stare at pictures of naked females, but male nudity merely wouldnt get me off, knowing what I mean.
Evidently, the daring part of me nagged to confirm that request, which I did. Clarissa turned out to be a very outgoing and friendly man; I never found a few hours whiling away in an lively chat. I was both excited and intrigued and undoubtedly flattered – I would haven’t dared to approach another girl, but being enjoyed by a pleasant person of a shown homosexuality got me higher than I thought it could.
Omitting the aspects Ill just say that we became virtual friends quite easily, and we’re friends till this very day. I discovered quite quick that I was neither gay no bisexual, so it never worked between us on the more intimate degree. But we spent some great time while I was trying to work out whose side I was on, and we spent it by the seaside in Croatia.
Italians are very big on holidaying in Croatia in general; Clarissa was obsessed with yachting in Cornati National Park. I let myself merely go together with the flow when Clarissa encouraged me to join her during the past week of August. We started off by skinny-dipping and sunbathing on the rented, but after a couple of days we found out that our camp was located within proximity of a legitimate nude beach. I was more than OK with taking my nudity out and walking it with my head held high, hand in hand with my new girlfriend.
Here I should say that before that instant I didnt have sex with Clarissa; she was courting me, yes, but wed never as much as kissed. However , as soon as we appeared on the nude beach together it was like a devils doing, Im telling you! I suppose to me nudism has always been connected to a desire to impress, to be a startler and also the talk of the town; but with nearly everybody else naked around me on a nude beach it was sort of tough to impress the community with my nudity. So I almost intuitively changed to the plan B, which was bringing attention with my alleged bisexuality.
I got all naughty and equivocal while helping Clarissa out of her shorts, I volunteered to remove her bikini bottom for her, I voluntarily and very enthusiastically rubbed the sunblock into the soft skin on her back and all the way down! My hands reached to her abdomen and then I touched her breasts after a moment of reluctance. My god, it was electric! And it undoubtedly did what it was supposed to – everybody else on the shore was staring at us, both men and women!
I assume this doesn’t make me a dyke, but an exhibitionist – big time, you betcha!! I got off as difficult as a girl can. This didn’t pass unnoticed to Clarissa, and she played up my melody. It was like being exposed on a vast scene under the open heavens. I felt like a movie star, seriously. And I’m pretty happy about what happened after that day (and that night!). Although it didnt make me change sides, hell, it was a life experience!
And now it gives me grounds to smile inexplicably every time they talk about lesbians – and I feel like the world revolves around me, once again!

The worst and best time of my life

When me and my then-boyfriend went to Spain for the very first time in our lives, we believed that we were going to possess the very best time of our life. We were together for nearly eight years and it was designed to be our largest romantic holiday ever. However, things did not actually turn out the way we anticipated. Let us simply say that the guy in the photo which you can see here is really not that boyfriend and you would start realizing what I’m speaking about.
What happened is something that happens to so many couples when they go on vacation; when you are on holiday, little matters and irks become larger and you begin fighting over items that you have been de emphasizing for many years. We’ve not been on a holiday the previous year and there was some pressure to make this holiday the best ever. This was . In any manner (I actually do not want to go into details), we got into this huge fight the second or third day we went to this beautiful Spanish town on the Mediterranean and it was one of those truly ugly fights. We told each other items that we’ve been keeping to ourselves for a long time and I was just so mad that I left the hotel, took my things and merely walked out on him. It was not one of those hissy fits. I was done and that was that.
I asked the people from the hotel whether there is another town that I could get to without an excessive amount of hassle and among the folks on reception was really from this other town, not more than 15 miles away from the one we were staying at up to that stage. I got a cab and went there. It turned out to be this extremely small town with unbelievable allure along with the most gorgeous beaches that I ‘d ever seen. Additionally, one of the shores was a nudist beach. I have never gone to a nudist beach before, but as I was making this enormous turn in my life, I figured that it would have been wise to get rid of my clothing and really make the largest reduction in my life.
I visited the nudist beach and when I got there, I cannot really say I was the most comfortable person in the world. Certainly, there were lovely young naked people all around and it was just too sexy to trust. Nonetheless, I felt that I may not be as prepared for this as I ‘d believed. But still, I was adamant about my decision and I took off all my clothes. It was amazing. The very second you find yourself in the open without any clothes with dozens of other nude people that you don’t know. There is something so alluring and so lovely about this that it is hopeless to describe.
And then the sunbathing and swimming nude, these are the best things I’ve ever done in my life. The water feels so amazing on the nude skin along with the sun feels even better. It warms the skin, and I mean all the skin and it’s also difficult not to get excited and horny. And then I met this man. He was right next to me and I couldn’t help but see his unbelievable body. I mean you can see it. We got to talking and it turned out he was Spanish. His English was really not that great, but when you’re naked, you truly do not desire speak that much. And it was all so natural and simple.
We took this picture that same day and we spent the next few days together. It was nothing serious or anything. Two magnificent naked young folks together and having fun one sluggish summer of 2012. It ended up being a holiday that was nothing like the one I’d planned and yet it was wonderful. And if you ask me, it is all down to the fact I found how great it is to sunbathe in the nude and walk in front of .

How did you spend your summer nude

18-nudist-movieLabor Day weekend usually signals the end of the summer. This summer, I didn’t spend as much nude time outdoors as I would’ve liked. This was mainly due to the closing of Eastover (does this mean we need to change the name of this Yahoo group?). Not until the last week of August did I spend some significant time nude in the sun. Thru a group for massage exchanges, I med someone for a trade that has a small yard that has some privacy. After our trade on each other, we spent some time in the yard having a lite bite. It was kinda nice. Most of my nude time was spent indoors in my place, at B.A.N.G. (Boston Area Naturist Group) events, and at some nude yoga classes.
During the last week of August, I went to GNI for the last 5 day period. As always, it’s nice to be nude for a few days with old friends and making new ones. Again this year I held a massage workshop, and taking the lead from an Eastover fellow I also held a Massage Therapist Roundtable. One attendee that is a photographer was seeking people to model for him to experiment with different poses. Guess who signed up to help? I’m sure you all remember the scorching sun we had during the summer. My first 2 days (Wed. and Thurs.)at the Gathering were comfortable albeit cloudy, but could’ve been warmer. Friday the sun really came thru for the whole day and it was really warm. Saturday, the last full day, most of us needed to put sun block on. Rather than go straight home the next day, I went to visit an eastover aquaintance in another part of PA for a few days. I was hoping to spend some more time nude at there place, but ironicly they don’t spend any time nude in their home. I didn’t want to force the issue; it’s their home and I was just a visitor. Now, the summer is over.

Before the year is over I’ll probably make it to some more B.A.N.G. events and some more nude yoga classes. It would be nice to meet someone to visit Cypress Cove or travel to another resort with. How about the rest of you? How did you spend your summer nude?

I’m Nathalie and my first ever time going really nude

51905716MI guess I’ll do my first posting here since it asks about another first time thing. Ok, I’m Nathalie and my first ever time going really nude with other people around was two years ago when I was in high school. Four classmates and I went out to this small lake on one of the boy’s grandmother’s farm to go swimming during the summer (obviously). All 3 of us girls had swimsuits under our shorts and tops so it didn’t start out to be a skinny-dipping trip, just a place to swim. The two guys had cutoff jeans shorts and tshirts and they were going to swim like that (minus the shirts). Anyway, after we were there for awhile we really liked it because nobody was around and it was like a private little lake on private property. One of the boys was joking and said he should have brought some cards so we could play strip poker and one of the other girls said you don’t need cards to play strip poker, you can do Rock/paper/scissors and the loser has to take something off each time. The winner can challenge anyone they want to. The more they talked about it the more they acted like they were really going to do it. I was the quietest because I was probably most shy of the entire bunch and also I was self conscious about myself to the point I even dreaded taking showers in gym class in front of other girls.
They finally decided that one boy and one girl (luckily not me at first) would do the rock/paper/scissors thing and we’d play until somebody lost all their clothes. It couldn’t take long for SOMEONE to lose because I figured the girls are all wearing a two piece swimsuit and the guys either had one or two pieces of clothes on, I didn’t know if they were wearing undershorts or not.
Anyway, to hurry it up, the boy lost the first round but when he took off his shorts he still had undershorts on. So the girl challenged the same one again to try to get him totally naked but he won the second time so she had to take off her top, and so it went. Each time something came off it was thrown up on the rock at the edge of the lake so it wouldn’t get lost in the water. The funny part was everyone was standing in water pretty much up to their chest so the guys were pretty well hidden when they got naked and the girls just kind of bent their knees enough to keep the water level higher than their breasts when they took their tops off. Everyone continued to play until everyone was nude and I really felt pretty giddy about it and actually liked how it felt to be outside with absolutely nothing on.
The swimming and horsing around was fun and the longer we were there the less everyone tried to hide under the water. By the time we had to get out of the water and leave, all five of us were standing naked up on the rock together retrieving our swimsuits and shirts without making any effort to cover ourselves with our hands.
It was pretty strange to me to recognize that I felt LESS self-conscious standing with 2 guys and 2 other girls totally naked on that rock than I did in the school shower with girls in my gym class.
Since I was 17 then I didn’t get a chance to go nude in public again until I’d graduated from high school and started in college. On Spring Break nine of us went to St. Martin and spent 5 days at Orient Beach last year and that was the most fun yet!
If nothing else, I’ve learned that a tall, pale, skinny red-headed girl doesn’t look any worse naked than I do in a swimsuit, so why bother to wear one? I hope this posting is ok with everyone and I’m not breaking any rules or whatever. THANKS!

I don’t understand why she prefers to wear a costume

30263840My wife and I planned to spend a day walking in the country park which runs along the coast from Hastings (Sussex, England) to Petts Level where there is a beach with the remains of a petrified forest.
Knowing that my wife would not be able to resist paddling in the sea when we reached the beach I had packed towels in a rucksack along with our lunch.
Almost as soon as we approached Hastings in our car the sun came out as though to make a mockery of the weather forecast of a warm but cloudy day. We had walked far before it was really quite hot. There are coves at the bottom of the cliffs but we usually avoided the steep climb necessary to reach them (they are now inaccessible as coastal erosion has made the cliffs dangerous). However my wife could see the sea and wanted to reach it! We followed a path which seemed to be leading in the right direction and this brought us to the top of a wooden staircase. However there was a sign which warned that on the beaches one might encounter naturists … My wife said it was a shame to turn back now.
Being a hot day there was quite a number of people already in the cove. One end was clearly a suntrap and was crowded – mainly with naturists as far as we could tell from a distance. We made our way to a less crowded part and put down our towels to make the pebbles more comfortable to sit on while we ate our lunch. I took off my teeshirt and my wife surveyed the beach. She said it was a shame we had come unprepared but did I think her underwear would look like a bikini. I said that her knickers would probably pass but I wasn’t sure about her bra. She agreed and promptly took off her skirt. After pausing she then took off her blouse and her bra. On holiday in France she had often gone topless so this was not particularly surprising. I don’t usually wear anything under shorts so I asked her if she minded if took off my shorts since it was so hot, She said that was OK so we sat and ate our lunch with me nude and her wearing only her knickers.
After lunch my wife started to get restless. The sea was calling … It was noticeable that at our end of the beach quite a lot of women who sunbathed topless put on their tops to walk down to the sea to swim; equally men and women who were sunbathing nude replaced their costumes before walking to the sea. My wife then took off her knickers and asked if I wanted to go in for a swim. She said she would need to keep her knickers dry as she couldn’t walk back up the staircase in a skirt without wearing knickers. Walking down that beach hand in hand with my beautiful naked wife is one of my happiest and proudest memories. After swimming we sunbathed some more and then after a second swim it was time to continue our walk. That was our first visit to a clothing optional beach.
We had previously visited on a couple of occasions a spa with a sauna where costumes were not worn so this was not a case of the first time nude in public but it was the first time outdoors. Since then we have visited French clothing optional beaches but my wife prefers to wear a bikini (or at least the bottom) while I generally go nude. On one occasion we had gone out on a dull day and been surprised when it turned hot and again my wife had stripped happily as it was the only way she would be able to swim. I don’t understand why she prefers to wear a costume but I treasure the memory of that day in Fairlight Cove.

I have told her my little secret and she accepts it

24433273I’m not from a naturist family. Nudity in the home wasn’t frowned upon, it just didn’t happen. I discovered the wonderful world of nudity one hot afternoon in my garden. I was alone and was in the area of the garden which can’t be seen by the neighbours. Unable to find any reason not to, I decided to see what it would be like to sunbathe naked. After taking a long time to finally take everything off, I knew within 30 seconds that I had made the right decision. In fact, when I had had enough of the sun, I went indoors and stayed naked until a few minutes before my parents were due home.
Like many other authors on this site, I would take my clothes off the moment I had the house to myself, getting dressed again before anyone came home. I wanted to tell my parents so that I could perhaps have the opportunity to be naked more often. I couldn’t decide whether to sit down and talk to them about it or to take the direct approach. I stopped wearing my dressing gown when walking from bathroom to shower room partly because I couldn’t see the point and partly because I wanted to test the water if I was seen. I was only seen a couple of times, both by my dear Mum. The first time she was a bit shocked and asked me “Don’t you mind being seen?” My reply was something along the lines of “No, what’s the big deal?” I don’t remember her answer but I do know that, on the second occasion, she didn’t react with the same amount of surprise.
I interpreted this as a positive sign but didn’t summon the courage to ask her if she would mind me going about the house naked all the time. My Dad also gave me an opportunity to ‘reveal all’ when he commented on the gardens suitability for nude sunbathing but I let the chance pass by, again!! Eventually, I decided it was easier not to say anything than to risk their disapproval And so it continued until I left home to live with the woman who is now my wife. I have told her my little secret and she accepts it (just about!) but I know she feels uncomfortable if I am naked at any other time than the usual times for nudity, bedtime etc.
As I look back, I really regret not finding out if my parents would have been ok with my nudity or not. I would advise anyone who is considering approaching the subject with their family to do it; you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

So your family would be nudists then?

girlcuntsMy father tells me I have a habit of following the path less travelled, and so it was with becoming a nudist.
When I was sixteen one of my mates, Tony, suggested we go and have a look at the local nude beach. Not having seen a real live naked woman before I quickly agreed and we set off.
When we got there we took up a position where we could see everyone on the beach, but we were hidden by trees. I was not comfortable with this and said we should go down onto the beach and sit in the crowd. Tony said that would be “too weird” so we stayed hidden for about twenty minutes, and I saw my first naked woman (and my fiftieth, all on the one day).
Walking home Tony asked, “What do you think makes people want to go nude on a beach?”
I said I wasn’t sure, but there must be something to it otherwise why would there be so many people on an out of the way beach. However, in the back of my mind was a thought that maybe I would like to try, but would I have the nerve.
The thought continued to grow and like most novices I started sleeping nude when possible, and wondering around the house nude when the opportunity arose. This had me becoming more comfortable nude, but the thought had grown to a desire to try the nude beach.
So, six weeks after my first visit I was back at the beach determined that I would be nude in the sunshine. I laid out my towel, took off my shirt and shorts, but could not go any further. I could not tell myself to take off my Speedo’s – so I sat there hoping for inspiration.
Over an hour later I still had not progressed, when three girls, only a few years older than me, laid out their towels next to me and moments later were naked. After a few minutes, one of the girls turned to me and said, “This a nude beach – only the perverts sit down here in their Speedo’s.”
“I’m sorry,” I said. “This is a new experience for me and I’m nervous about being nude.”
girl-nudism“Get over it,” she said. “There is probably a 120 penises on this beach, why would yours be special. If you are not going to be nude you probably shouldn’t be here.”
Her friends where nodding in approval, so I got up and went for a swim hopeful of finding courage to drop my swimmers. It didn’t come – I packed up my things and headed home.
Later that afternoon my girlfriend, Anna, asked me where I had been during the day. I told her roughly where I had been when she asked, “Have you been down there with Tony perving on the nude girls again?”
“No, I was trying to find out what it is like being nude on the beach?”
“What? Were you down there nude?” she asked.
“No, I not could convince myself to drop my pants.”
“Well, maybe we can try again tomorrow,” she said.
“Tomorrow morning you, and I, go to the beach and try for an all over tan. Maybe if you have some support you will be a brave boy.”
So the next morning the two of us walked around the pathway to the beach, as with every step the butterflies grew in my stomach. We climbed down onto the beach and took up position near the middle at the high tide mark.
The beach is small by any standards at about 40 metres long, and five metres of sand at high tide. With the 20 or so naked people, it suddenly seemed very crowded. We laid out our towels and dressed down until I was in my swimming costume and Anna in her pink bikini.
“Are you going to take those off?” she said.
“I’m going wait awhile, I’m a bit unsure at the moment.”
“OK, we can lie here and talk.”
Anna then laid face down and we chatted about all the things teenagers wander over, discussing who of our friends were likely to become couples, which couples were breaking up and our plans for the rest of the summer holidays.
Anna then asked me to undo the ties of her bikini top and the conversation continued as it had before. Soon after she lifted onto her elbows revealing the profile of a lightly tanned breast, though the tan lines of her bikini stood in contrast.
We continued talking and people continued to file onto the beach, and a real crowd was starting to form. There were also a considerable number of yachts and motor boats taking up moorings in the bay. Some of these boats had only one man on board, while others had entire families on board, including some with kids the same age as Anna and I. The common theme was that nearly all on board were naked.
Anna suggested a swim and jumped to her feet leaving her bikini top lying on the towel. I must have shown my surprise, as she grabbed my hand and said, “Come on slow poke, get into the water.” I had no choice and we were soon up to our belly buttons in the water.
“Peter, have you noticed we are the only two people on the beach wearing costumes?” she said.
“Yes, but…”
“Why don’t we take them off in the water and swim around for a while and see how we feel?”
“Yes, but…”
There was no argument – Anna had her bikini bottom off in one motion and was then tugging at the side of my swimmers.
“It’s OK I can do this myself”. So I did and for the first time, since I was two years old, I was naked in public.
We frolicked in the water, pushing each other under, hanging off the anchor lines of the moored boats, and diving for the bottom. The water was cool, as it always is in the weeks before Christmas but the heat of the day more than made up for the small chill getting in. Visibility under water, without mask and snorkel, was reasonable, but only really clear enough to see where rock and sand joined, we could not see any detail such as fish and coral that would have been evident with some equipment.
While swimming, I had hung our swimmers around my neck, so they did not accidentally disappear, and we always stayed in at least waist depth water. Anna appeared completely at ease in the water, flashing her bottom every time she glided underwater. I was not that comfortable, but the veil of water provided some security. Eventually we decided it was time to get out. I slipped my swimmers back on to leave the water and Anna gave me a look of pained despair, but she put her bottoms back on and we went and laid back on our towels.
girls-caught-skinny-dippingI towelled off, and re-laid my towel to lie in the sun. Anna just dropped down on her towel, rung the water from her long blonde hair, and laid back.
“Are you comfortable? I mean, topless in front of all these people,” I mumbled.
“Yeah, why? Is it a problem?”
“No, not at all. Just asking, that’s all”.
“Well relax a bit, topless on a nude beach is no big deal. It’s not like keeping your swimmers on would be.”
“I’m not comfortable out of the water. Not just yet”.
“Don’t worry about it, I’m just ribbing you. Can you get my water bottle out and hair brush out of my beach bag?” she asked.
I had to stand to get her stuff out and when I had found the drink bottle, I turned to find Anna slipping out of her bikini and stretching out on her beach towel.
“Are you comfortable? I mean, nude in front of all these people”, I said.
“Yeah, why? Is it a problem?”
“No, not at all. Just asking, that’s all”.
“Well relax a bit, nude on a nude beach is no big deal. It’s not like keeping your swimmers on would be.”
“I’m getting the point,” I said
I looked up, I looked down, I looked all around, and I was the only person on the beach that was not nude. What where my options – I handed Anna her drink, sat down, slipped off my costume and immediately rolled onto my stomach.
Anna giggled and I said “What’s funny – I’m naked aren’t I.”
“Yes, but I’ve never seen anyone with such a white bum!”
Then I noticed the area that had been covered by Anna’s bikini bottom was the same light tan as her breasts, and the penny finally dropped.
“You’ve been here before haven’t you!”
“Yes, with Mum, Dad and my sister many times, but I wouldn’t come here on my own.”
“So you have an all over tan?”
“Yeh – we tend to not worry much about clothes around the house or around the pool.”
“So your family would be nudists then?”
“Yes, they are and so are you now!”
And I have been ever since.

We decided this migt be the best “positive” environment to give nudism a try

13We decided to go to – – in Lutz, Florida (Near Tampa). After reading the board and a few private emails from members we decided this might be the best “positive” environment to give nudism a try. (My boyfriend has been a nudist for a while)
When you drive up there is a large gate and privacy fencing all around. There is a gaurd at the gate who directs you to the main office. We went in and signed in, we had a reservation. Our home for the weekend was a lovely Condo with a wonderful loft, and an extra bedroom. It was kind of un-nerving noticing nude people walking around! There was a tennis court where people were playing tennis au-natural. I really had a case of the shys at first. My boyfriend was very understanding, however he got undressed right away like nothing was wrong… I undressed, but felt so much better having a large towel around me….
We went for a walk. Wonderful sunny warm day. They have a huge pool where there were quite a few people swimming, children, old folks etc. There was a great water volleyball game going on that was quite a bit of fun to watch.
There is a bar and grill there where we stopped and had an ice tea and just kind of observed. Everyone was really nice, and after awhile I basicly felt more out of place with the towel around, so basicly I just “lost the towel” It was really a “freeing” moment. It was nice to sit by the pool in the lounge chairs and get that all over tan. No one leered at me, in fact we just sort of blended right in. I felt very comfortable.
We spent most of that afternoon sitting by the pool, swimming and sipping ice tea. That evening we drove into town to get a steak, really fun restraunts around. When we came back we disrobed and went to the hot tubs. They have two there. One which is really hot and a longer one which is warm. That tub had a lot of people there just talking. There was music from a lounge there, however we didnt go in, were not exactly bar type people. But it seemed everyone was having a fun time dancing and enjoying the music.
18-nudist-movieWe spoke with several really nice people. One couple had come over from England for a week at – -. This was their fifth visit, which they do yearly.
On sunday we pretty much just relaxed. We took a canoe out, nude of course and paddled all around this wonderful calm lake. Watched closely for gators, though didn’t see one, however i am not one to take a chance!
Had lunch at the poolside grill, great hamburgers. The gift shop there was really unique. Had some very tasteful body jewelry and scarves and wraps and such. I picked up this really pretty pink coverwrap. And of course the – – T shirt!!
All in all I had a WONDERFUL experience and can’t wait to go back. Or perhaps hit a nude beach! Thank You so much to everyone here for all of the encouragement and information. Ill be watching the board for info on other resorts and beaches!

Nearby is a “traditional” nude beach that I visit occasionally

51905716I live in Orlando, Florida. Nearby is a “traditional” nude beach that I visit occasionally (Playa Linda). I had an experience last fall here, I really wish that all could participate, for those of you not familiar with Playa Linda in., Please let me describe this area. Playa Linda Beach is also known as “Canaveral National Seashore known and is 26 miles of relatively unspoiled, natural stretch of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of Florida. I say “relatively untouched” because Canaveral National Seashore includes the Kennedy Space Center. fall on a certain day when the weather was predicted to be particularly nice, I made plans to visit this wonderful beach. I would say that I have a single, straight, unattached male would, and that this visit alone. I’m there about 10 clock, and after setting up, went to get UNattired accordingly. The promise of good weather in this case was a definite understatement. The temperature was in the high 80s, low humidity, only a slight breeze. It was absolutely great! The beach is as it was, the natives have appeared in this area a thousand years ago.

At one point, I dove into the water and played in the waves. Then I went back to the waters edge and sat on a flat sand bar in about 3 inches of water and stared at the horizon. The effect of the sun and the sea had on my body at that moment was low. It was a pure Zen moment. Unfortuntely, all good things come to an end, and before too long, I was forced to return home. I hope that I will soon be able to repeat the experience. Although it is great it is to share with others, there is something about being able to absorb nature in its full glory, without the distractions of other people, which can be equally fulfilling.

First Nudist Encounter

First Nudist Encounter using a Buddy

I never grew up believing much of nudism, it simply was not on my head. Inside my mid 20s I found how much I loved being nude after I took showers, and also would begin spending an increasing number of time nude at home. I think I was a part time household nudist for some time, which was excellent.

After some time, I believed Iwant to try social nudism, but I was not certain if I ‘d the nerve. Heck, I Had never even been nude in a locker room. Our school only had us change clothing, so down to panties was about the most exposure I ‘d with others.

After several years, I eventually made a decision to give it a shot. I’d chatted online with a lot of nudists and located another man my age who resided close to me. One day I drove around to his flat (hands trembling with the first timer nerves) to meet up. While I was caught off guard (I believed we had discuss somewhat in person before nudity), I still believed it was trendy as well as a very great ice breaker.

So, I believed to myself “when in Rome” and within about 30 seconds of assembly, I’d stripped down in his front hall! It was only like ripping off a bandaid! Of course it was a considerably more freeing and liberating encounter than taking off a bandaid.

It turned out to be a wonderful experience and I am happy I finally gave it a shot after all those years.

-Bryan S
Richmond, Virginia
I knew I was a nudist

Even at an extremely young age, I loved being naked. My parents had over 6 acres of property as well as on a hot sunny day I ‘d go off by myself and strip off all my clothing and lay in sunlight.

On the weekends, if I wasn’t going anyplace I ‘d be nude round the home for the entire day and do whatever.

Six years ago I eventually made a decision to visit my first nude beach found at Playalinda Beach. It did not take myself quite long to be nude like everyone else. For the following four years I kept going back once or two times per year. My only sorrow is that I did not go earlier. This past September I finally ran my first naked 5k race at cypress cove. I loved so much that I’ve signed up for two races this year.

Now, whenever I can I ‘m constantly nude in my house or at a nudist resort being free of clothing and stresses; there’s nothing like it.

-John V.
Occasionally, I’ll jokingly remark that I owe my thanks and my love for naturism to my company. You see, I work in the airline travel business as a flight crew member.

It offers its subscribers tips and guidance about outside recreational sports equipment and traveling. Among the pages of the specific problem contained a vibrant graphic ad for Lee Baxandall’s, “World Guide To Nude Beaches & Recreation”. The name of Lee Baxandall is going to be understood by any experienced naturist or nudist equally (of which I was neither at the time). Lee first took up the task of naturism in Wisconsin as an Eagle Scout. He’s likewise an inductee into AANR’s Nudist Hall of Fame. However , I digress. His highest guide to nudism in natural settings peaked my interest. A number of weeks ahead of my meeting with Mr. Baxandall’s guide, I ‘d coordinated an approaching week of holiday alone in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. After receiving my copy in the post, I instantly turned to the section of nudist beaches found in the Aloha State and fell upon “Little Beach”. That first expected ‘simple’ second has now come and gone. And my memory of it brings many descriptive words to thoughts: natural, liberating, freeing, exuberating, sexy yet nonsexual, energizing, rejuvenating and a lot more. And for me, the ‘so-much-more’ contains religious reconnection. I consider my nakedness will not belong to me, but instead to Creation. THAT, within itself, makes it religious in nature for me. It makes it a great thing, balanced and pure; nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide. I would like to let it breathe my existence. Inside my view, to refuse my nakedness will be to denounce my Creator’s development. I do not care to quiet that breath. Itis a present. I need it to thrive. I would like it to grow. And in the process, I express my sincerest kind of gratitude to the “Giver” of that present; oh, and gratitude to my employer for carrying that magazine on the airplane. And for giving me the coveted perk of air travel. It is an ideal means by which to find and experience more of this lovely planet’s Au Naturel destinations. Now, I still adore flying high Au Naturel!

30263840When I was still a kid I always felt good when I was naked, so I’d always make sure I needed to walk to the restroom to take a bath and back to my room naked. as soon as I turned 8 years old I began sleeping naked and also would sit around or lay on my bed in my room naked on a regular basis, and when no one was home, I’d remain naked in different portions of my house.

as soon as I turned 12 years old I had a buddy and streaking was a huge craze then, so we’d streak every opportunity we got. Sadly my family would not have consented for me to be a nudist, so I CAn’t tell them, nor be naked in front of those.

as soon as I went into my very own house I was naked on a regular basis. I strove to get my girlfriends that they’d enjoy being a nudist but most wouldn’t attempt it, as well as the ones that attempted it didn’t enjoy it, but I consistently continued being naked all of the time as it’s the only method I wish to be.

She’s not a nudist. As well, my kids aren’t nudist. Lucky for me my family understands being naked is the manner I’m comfy, and do not mind that I ‘m constantly naked. I loved being naked, and always will.

I’ve been a nudist for 49 years and no way I’d ever alter.

I remained there for what seemed like hours loving the feel of the water as well as a liberty like I ‘ve never experienced before.

I’m a 51 year old man and never would have presumed to do something similar to that in a private pool let alone the Gulf. The exhilaration I felt left an indelible impression of the independence and awareness of one with nature that I’d like to carry on.

Upon returning home I promptly joined AANR and am actively seeking a local resort to go to.

Thank you for opening up a fresh phase in my entire life.

Downingtown, Pennsylvania


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