Agde Musuem …

I would really recommend visiting the museum at Agde. Although there was a lack of english signs/information around the exhibits, the staff were extremely helpful. In fact, one of the staff became our own private tour guide and between my very ‘petit’ french and her rather better english, we understood and enjoyed all the musuem. She even gave a gift to us as we left the musuem, a really appreciated gesture.
The musuem which was founded in 1935 by the association Escolo dau Sarret, containes the treasures of the own and features exhibits including:
1 Furniture from Chateau Laurens, a rich local man’s furniture who was a lover of the arts who organised the interior decoration of his extravagant masion in Art Deco style.
2 Since ancient times, Agde has been a port, and from 18th to early 20th century captains and sailers and merchant navy were trained at the marine school. Numerous models, and paintings, etc. depict the maritime past of the town.
3 Clothing, traditional headress of Agde (the sarret) and other clothes of Agathe girls from 19th century.