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I have edited these pictures to the fullest and hope that they will make it onto the hidden cam page this time. If any more editing is needed sense free to do what you like to them. I am sending a total of 20 pictures in one .zip file. I still have another 40 or 50 if you're interested... If there is any contest that these pictures qualify for please put them into it. I would love to see a concert flashing section here one day. Hi V-Web friends, I have been waiting fairly a while to post something here and I eventually have an chance. I am a lengthy time admirer of the site and hope to get more things to send in. I have been discouraged by the lack of Woodstock 99 pictures that I have found on the net, so I ultimately developed my pictures from my journey there. (3 rolls of crappy film) I have sent 20 of them here for your viewing pleasure. I have slew more for those interested. I would love to win some sort of prize in the voting area, so please be nice to me in the voting section at the bottom of the page. I am going on Spring Break and could use some extra cash to buy a finer camera. I hope to post some good shots from my tour this March. Think of it as an investment. Enjoy!!! I sure did. Everyone give a round of applause to Kate for his good site.

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Hi naturist Squad and all of you Fine viewers. The comments from the Kate & Truckers series was tremendous and WONDERFUL! We are planning a excursion to several Caribbean islands in March. Kate is getting all excited about the info I have gotten on the topless/nude beaches. She determined to attempt on a duo of garments for me. She posed for me outside in the spa to get the see thru effect on the pink suit. Then got bolder, as usual. The neighbors didn't make complaints. We ordered another bra-less suit and more see thru tops for the excursion. When those come in I'll take take some more pics for all of the superb people who are kind enough to take the time to make comments on the BB system.

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