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Hi Everyone, The following two sets of pictures were taken after receiving one of my 'Wish List' gifts from a loyal aficionado. Fortunately for all of you he was gracious enough to permit me to share them with you. These are his dearest 20 pictures from a set of 48, the rest of the pictures will be available on our website: This is an excerpt of what I wrote to him after taking the pictures: "The Super Duper Ballsy Dong ultimately arrived! It certainly lives up to its name, this thing is gigantic. You will see in the pictures exactly how large it is. At very first I was a little jumpy and apprehensive about being able to treat something this large butas Iwrapped both forearms around this monster and began to touch it against my beaver I could perceive myself getting slack and very humid with anticipation. After afew minutes of this play and lots of lubricant I was desperate to sense it inwards of me. Very leisurely I began to thrust its massive head past my lips, then with a little help from my bf it slipped all the way inwards and packed me entirely. The perceiving was like none I have sensed before, it literally took my breath away. I just had to attempt all of my fave positions. But the one that topped the list was me on my kneesusing my weight to shove this gigantic shaft all the way inwards me while sucking on my bf's jizz-shotgun. Ithelped completethe fantasy of me fucking two dudes at once." Thank you very much Slyone for sending me this introduce.

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I am attempting to figure out the settings on my fresh camera. I am far from being the photog that some of the contributors here are. I am just fortunate enough to have a truly sexy wifey to practice on. These are some motel room pics from our tour to Sin City. We didn't get out much. Every time we got ready to go out I would take some pictures. Then we would get so revved on we would have to have hump. Then we would have to get ready again. More pics...more bang-out. The very first night we made love three times before we eventually left the room. We didn't stay out lengthy either! Hehe. Anyway, here are a few shots from the 2nd set that night. Do you think she looks like a 34yo mom of three? I am soooo Lucky!

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