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About halfway into town we switched driving. When we got into town we pulled into a parking lot and switched back with Teri driving. These pics are of her driving in town and then pulling into a motel parking lot to get clad to go out for the evening. The freeway offramp overlooks this parking lot and we had a constant honking of horns as she got clad in total view of the people driving by. One of my beloved pics is the last one in this contri. In fact, I will very likely make it the very first pic of part Three also!!! As you see her get clad in part Two and part Trio, you may wonder if this is all she truly wore when we went out. Yes, it is! And for those of you who think we go to a unclothe club because she works there---No, she is not a stripper, we go to a private club for couples, not a unwrap club. Even for there, what she wears is pretty daring!!! LOL She loves your comments, reads every one of them! She has also embarked reacting to some! ***Wait til you hear what happened in Part 3!!!

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Sarah Outside Play - Hey everyone! Just dreamed to say howdy to all viewers, and send in some more pics to be judged by the neat people in the comments section. lol. =) Reading those earnestly make me laugh, but there are some nice people there too. From time to time, I come across some nice comments. I reacted to one of the comments the other day. He put his E-mail in the comments section, along with a very heartfelt message, so I thought I would contact him. Yeah, I was wrong, before I knew it, he was asking how to get me to come out and visit. He also told me all the dirty things he wants to do to me. Oh well. Am I the only good lady on here? Maybe I am in the wrong place. lol...I'm kidding!

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