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Sydney - Sensing It - __ Howdy Kate, naturist Squad, CBBer's and all you fine naturist viewers! It's been a while since I posted and I've missed it believe me!! One day while visiting Andrew, Kevin and I got to messing around a bit while he was active on the phone. Guess you could say I was "feeling in the mood" and Andrew, never being one to miss an chance, grabbed his camera and here are some of the results. The rest were too hard core for naturist, but when I was viewing the pics... I began experiencing it... "it" being that desire to share with all of you!! Since then I've been sensing it a lot... lol... so stayed tuned! ~ Luv~n~Lust, Sydney

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Hey Kate, Group & Voyeurs alike... Last year my wife& some of her friends embarked a little club called The Flirting Wives Club. Most of the time they go out to the local bars in the Minneapolis/St Paul area on weekends& soiree like there's no tomorrow. Others began to hear about it &a few months ago we were invited to a "couples" soiree in Detroit. We all went out for drinks where we met Brandi & her spouse. After we closed down the bar, here is what happened inbetween my beautiful wifey Charity and her hot fresh friend Brandi. I don't even know if they noticed the other woman in the bath. If the comments are good I cansend more... I have a lotof pics from that soiree. Enjoy! ... BTW: my wifey is still looking for other Minnesota girls/couples to "play" with. Anybody out there?

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