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We have had an embarrassment of riches lately with beautiful day after beautiful day. Nothing inspires Sienna like sunshine, particularly when it eventually comes out after a lengthy winter. These are from a duo of lovely little beaches in the beautiful Northwest. You can scale the sandy cliffs to get down to them, but the smarter way is by boat. We were inspired to shoot these after our friend BiKate posted with the same wondrous backdrop (the scenery here is so beautiful, a lot of people assumed she had photoshopped it in). For just a little added joy, we have commenced marking our freestyle shots with little “Kate was here” signs, scraped into the sand, snow, or driftwood. I hope it shows how much I adore Sienna. I work hard at it, but the pictures never do her justice. Still, she loves to hear it if you appreciate the pics. I will keep attempting :-) Sienna and AH

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