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Howdy fellow V-Webbers and team. I must say I have a serious problem and that is I cannot seem to get enough of this site. Since I found it two years ago, it has become a daily ritual when I walk in the door each day from work - I guess you could say this is a good problem to have, eh? Another problem I have is watching all the negative comments all the time. Sure, I have seen my share of pics that make me want to run to the stool, but I just hit my "back" button as shortly as I can and get the hell out of that contri. And yes I know I'll most likely get some negative comments b/c I am a masculine posting on a female predominated site and also b/c of what I just wrote. Oh well, at least I got my thoughts out. Anyway I want to hear from couples, women and dudes - I LOVE to trade pics and will trade with ANYONE. I have lots!

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