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Hi again, thank you for all the lovely comments. Some of you might have seen my pics else where on the web. But like everyone I made some mistakes, if you notice me from, that site is a faux. It is linked with Fledgling Index. None of those chicks on there are real.The site we have now is ours.Plus, none of these pics are ANYWHERE on the web, we haven't even put them on our site yet.So you voy-zone people are te very first to see these. I was youthful and dumb, and I needed money. This is before I met Mike, my hubby. We truly are a real duo, and are truly married. Five years Jan.29 My hubby just wished to make a site of me b/c he gets excited showcasing my naked figure off. He loves watching guys get arroused over me. I kinda am to blame for this, when we very first met, he was VERY timid sexually, but after I dragged him to alot of unclothe clubs, and fetish ball sack, and erotic nut sack, he began to come around. But almost alittle to much, but that's alright, it's arousing. He has one weird fantasy with me...wanna hear....o.k...he would like me to be butt naked leaned over the sofa, blinded, cuffed, ear speculums, the entire works, then he said he would go and tell the guys from next door, (a bunch of HOT school guys live there...YUMMY) to come over and keep an eye on the place while he went out to the store(they like ot come over and play our playstation 2). Then he would then go hide in the closet and movie gauze what they would do to me, when they come over to the palace and wonder around and walk in on me in that position.....what would you do??????

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