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Well, with the 4th holiday over, things have lodged down and now its time to get back to the series. As stated in the 1st post, we began the evening out at local dance club. Got a little wild in a duo of shots by standing in the tabourets next to the railing. We had a few observers that stayed close by and another few that wandered in and then quickly left. After fairly a few shots and while taking a break to look at the pics, one of the bouncers came and told us one more pic and we would have to leave. Well, we didn't want to ruin our night, so we stopped, paid the tab and then left. And this was only the beginning of the evening.

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CLASSY ( at The Waldorf ) Act 1 Hi Kate and Gang: Here we are in the heart and soul of Fresh York City. And where's that ? No other than the world class Waldorf-Astoria Motel, on Park Avenue. The view ( besides the one your voy-zonebers are getting ) is totally awesome. I haven't been that high off the ground since the home grown days in school. The best aspect of this series is that we needed someone to actually pour the wine over my butt while my hubby snapped the pictures. It revved out to be fairly effortless to summon a bellhop and ask him to do the honors. We told him what we dreamed, and, in the true Waldorf spirit of helpfulness, he simply said; " Ah, yes, wine poured over the lady's backside. I believe we can treat that for you. " Well, he revved out to be enormously co-operative, and he didn't seem to care how lengthy it took to get just the right shot we desired. With each click of the camera, he would turn to my hubby and say; " Very well. Will we be wanting to attempt that again, master ? " He seemed to have luved his assignment, and absolutely refused to take a tip. " No need for that today, Tormentor. You have just added a chapter to my memoirs that I shalll never forget." Lovely story, right ? When he was leaving, my hubby asked him if anything like that had ever happened on the job before. He thought about it and answered: " I have poured a lot of wine in the thirty years I've been here." And then he hesitated for a moment. " But to my recollection... it has always been into a glass, Tormentor. " Again, I want to thank those who are kind enough to say all the wonderful things they say when I visit this pleasant site. As far as my e-mail address goes, why not just send it up with room service, okay ? P.S. This is Act 1... Act Two is shortly behind.

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