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Cynthia K - School'S Out One final exam remains, but for all intents and purposes school is out for the summer! Now I can scrape University from my list of things to obsess about, for a few weeks at least. And yes, I do keep an actual list LOL. I'm glad to unwind, so I spent much of the day lounging around my vapid doing absolutely nothing. My flatmate and I even split a six-pack, and I'm in pretty good spirits. I asked my flatmate to take a few photos of me to share, even tho' I look like a *total* dork today (what else is fresh, right? LOL). I appreciate everyone's concern about my mood, and I'm inspired by many of the comments here and emails thru my site. I'm notably appreciative for the advice on how to mend things with Brandon, the boy I was observing awhile back that's in all those lovemaking flicks and pics with me on my site. My flatmate has determined my summer objective should be "getting laid," and I just might have to pursue it. As of right now, there is very little else on the agenda. :)

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Resting on the edge of the precipice I liked watching nude beautiful femmes down on the strand. My attention was instantaneously drawn to the woman in her forties and her daughter of about twenty-five years old. The chick was tall and very well built. Her giant tits were amazing! The ladies made it back on the plage from the sea and the nymph put bandana hat on her head and leaned in a so wonderful way that it seemed that her big tits hopped up high to the sky and nips pierced the clouds. The sweet memory of her is imprinted in my head and I always reminisce about that Honey peculiarly when I am in a bad mood and it helps me to cheer up.

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